This video is taken from NESCIO235 superb channels which has excellent videos of Van Morrison ; Jackson Browne and many more. Please see nescio235 channel for the original video. The Song is from the Album Days Like This. The song words are: There’s a small cafe on the outskirts of town I’ll be there when the sun goes down Where the roadside bends And it twists and turns Every new generation And I’ll be praying to my higher self Don’t let me down, keep my feet on the ground There’s a roadside jam playin’ on the edge of town In a town called Paradise near the ancient highway When the train whistle blows All the sadness that Hank Williams knows And the river flows Call them pagan streams and it spins and turns In a factory in a street called Bread in East Belfast Where Georgie knows best What it’s like to be Daniel in the lion’s den Got so many friends only most of the time When the grass is high and the rabbit runs Though it’s talkin’ to you and I And every new generation comes to pay The dues of the organ grinder jam And the grinder’s switch of the sacrifice Everybody made to be rational with understanding And I’ll be praying to my higher self Oh, don’t let me down, keep my feet on the ground What about all the people living in the nightmare hurt That won’t go away no matter how hard they try They’ve got to pay time and time again, time and time again I’ll be praying to my higher self And I’ll be standin’ there, where the boats go by When the sun is sinking way over the


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