Lyrics: On down by Avalon Avalon of the heart On down by Avalon Gonna make a brand new start Oh the Holy Grail Baby behind the sun Oh the Holy Grail Down by Avalon Well I came upon The enchanted vale Down by the viaducts of my dreams Down by Camelot, hangs the tale In the ancient vale Oh the Avalon sunset Avalon of the heart Me and my lady Goin’ down by Avalon Well I came upon The enchanted vale Down by the viaducts of my dreams Near Camelot, hangs the tale Of the enchanted vale In the upper room There the cup does stand In the upper room Down by Avalon Goin’ down by Avalon Oh my Avalon of the heart Goin’ down by Avalon Gonna make a brand new start Oh down by Avalon Oh baby behind the sun Goin’ down by Avalon Well the journey’s just begun Oh down by Avalon Sweet Avalon of the heart Goin’ down by Avalon

25 Responses to “Van Morrison – Avalon of the Heart”

  • David K:

    I’m just a messenger. Thank Van´╗┐ ­čÖé

  • Molly Welch:

    Sitting here on a Friday morning, tears and goosebumps….thank you for this.´╗┐ ­čÖé My soul needed it.

  • KrackowKid:

    A staggering catalogue of´╗┐ wonderful songs spanning 40 years

  • figga48:

    the voice of voices ..the lyrics of all lyrics ..soul´╗┐ to soul…in all his songs and hymns



  • bb4960:

    “It’s Alpha and Omega’s Kingdom Come” anagrams to “Catalina hook seeds GP´╗┐ mammon dig”.

  • Burncourtable:

    One´╗┐ of the last living legends. If you ever get a chance to see him live take it.

  • 0dogs2cats:

    Deep and awesome. It can mean so many things to so many´╗┐ different people.

  • John Bilson:

    Van Morrison is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians of our age!
    – ‘Avalon?’ For those interested in ‘The Arimathean Trail’ .. ‘Avalon’ means ‘The isle of apples’. Closely associated with ‘Glastonbury’ and Somerset (‘Summer Isle’) yet the name is also considered to be either of Old ´╗┐ Welsh. Irish Cornish and Breton (jolly good cider) origins.

  • flowridaboy93:

    only´╗┐ could have been disliked by accident.

  • Nancy Taylor:

    I had never head this until a few months ago and I cried it is´╗┐ soo beautiful!

  • garrett boyd:

    how could anyone dislike this music´╗┐ its just pure awesomness

  • David K:

    awesome comment. Definitely agree – so few´╗┐ people have heard his songs – Avalon of the Heart being one of them!

  • David K:

    Thanks for the props. And´╗┐ I’m with you – God bless Van!

  • june4783:

    Van is quite a bookish person and draws his inspiration from many sources, he lived quite near me for´╗┐ a time.

  • ThePhil909:

    ‘me n´╗┐ my lady goin down by’ Avalon love it!!!!

  • ThePhil909:

    remarkable )´╗┐

  • Beau Geste:

    God bless you Van,´╗┐ and Chekulater too for the Up.

  • angelsheaart:

    what about this mans voice could someone not like he sings from the heart with all his´╗┐ heart breaks into my very soul an touch’s my heart with his words … amazing as to how this man can exist among us an so many not have heard his songs

  • Floodlezoot:

    when you´╗┐ think about Van, you see what ancient people thought about a king that they wanted to live forever.

  • eribiaepiphron:

    only one´╗┐ VAN!!

  • judithe tapp:

    This is´╗┐ powerful .. blardy amazing in every way …

  • tschiibii:

    Thank´╗┐ You for the wonderful music Van!!!!!

  • mauro531000:

    Grande´╗┐ Van…… molto trascinante.

  • flexibartr:

    The castle in the video (or quite a good copy of it) is located near the town of F├╝ssen in Bavaria and has been build by the “insane” King Luis II who had all the time music in his ears and in his mind, the´╗┐ music of Richard Wagner. Wagner’s operas partly deal with stories from the British islands: Cornwall and Ireland, Parsival, Lohengrin.

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