Van Morrison – I Forgot that Love Existed This video is made just as a cover for beautiful Van Morrison song. Hope you will enjoy it……

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  • Alberto Cannavaro:

    ……and of course go into the Music

    Grazie . Mr Morrison

  • alphabags:

    one of is best if not the best…just perfect….

  • tovakaye:

    love is all around you when you can see it and feel it. what good is otherwise. ???? and then you die

  • megadivine111:

    Van never fails to get to the core. Once I was busking at Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland with my buddy Paddy Kellegan and friends. Van was in the audience for a while….We regularly did Crazy Love and Warm Love……IT was a great buzz….the fact that we ‘pulled’ him somehow to that spot at that same time we were playing…..Thanks for sharing this song.

  • oleskool61:

    That is one smooth old school pimp right that, Happy Birthday Van. Great song.

  • OutlawIV:

    First fer Me they took all mIne down nice to see all the new additions ^5 this is the music I needed t’night … Bravo ..

  • MrCatstail:

    What I meant was Van is Peculiar about his music and videos being used on the likes of YouTube and other sites, and for copyright reasons they are removed. I had a lot of Van morrison uploaded on my site and was made take it off. I have been a Van fan for the last 30 years and love all his music. Seems a lot of people agreed with my last comment, sorry if I come across to you as being stupid.

  • music1831:

    What do you mean by PECULIAR & COPYRIGHT?
    Does this mean that you don’t like the song?
    When you make a comment,don’t be so vague as to be stupid.

  • geonixi4745:

    Thanks for uploading Vans music,It’s true the songs and his unique still are wonderful.

  • 12catsinthehouse:

    The prize is opportunity to enjoy the music of the greatest contemporary singer-songwriter. No auto tune programs here.

  • philaceiligroup:

    and that sweet minimal guitar solo! Yikes!

  • philaceiligroup:

    and that sweet minimal guitar solo! Yikes!

  • tpcass:

    Aint no better musician than Van

  • aducimeH:

    Agree about the piano but also the awesome base line not mention Morrisons voice.

  • rachid7944:


  • southernrose1959:

    Thank you for putting this together, i do so hope it stays,I`ve said it before this man takes my soul to another place,,,,, like im free of all the outside world when i hear him sing and play. An absolute genius .

  • 222grayson:

    greaT VOICE

  • meczydusza1:

    .. absolutely great !

  • william52648:

    “let my heart do the thinking, and my head to do the feeing”…:-Maybe then I wouldn’t forget ~~~that Love still is alive, and doing quite well existing inspite of me :-)*~~~

  • william52648:

    “let my heart do the thinking, and my head to do the feeing”…:-Maybe I wouldn’t forget Love still is alive and well

  • thaichi2010:

    well… you have got the gold medal and feel free to listen the song again… anytime :))) p.s. THANKS FOR COMMENT!!

  • bonnie43uk:

    Hey, I’m the 15,000th thousandth person to watch this … where’s my prize???
    Great song .. that piano riff is sooooooo hypnotic.

  • th3saints:

    i agree the album is great

  • glrcmptn:

    Dr. Alzheimer would have something to say about this.

  • TheSunnykelly:

    j’adore les paroles, cette voix, ce son, le saxophone qui livre toute sa dimension dans ce thème. Que de souvenirs sur cette chanson……I love it too much, really great 🙂

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