Van with this beautiful song originally from the “Back on top” album/cd live in Spain. Copyright lyrics and music Exile.

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  • jschuler53:

    I agree with all these comments, this song gets me everytime, the emotion is so genuine, for me, it is my son, remembering the sweet young boy, young adult, and then leaving, going a wayward path, and now, gone from my life. But as one comment says, this song make you go through all these feelings and you feel better at the end.

  • nhgirl60323:

    I am a huge van fan and never heard this song until a couple of months ago. It just totally affected me. In Avery good bluesy way. My husband passed away 5 years ago. He too was a huge van fan. Our first song we ever danced to was have I told you lately that I love you live!!!! This song  allowed me to feel all those emotions grief loss happiness sorrow joy you feel when you lose someone special. Just amazing. Thank you van

  • OnlygIobal:

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God – All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST. May God save you !

  • Davide Jorge:

    Van Morrison, father for the music of Irland

  • teambodily:

    My passed away grandfather. Some of this song is a double edged sword with certain portions of the lyrics. Makes me think of his final days when he decided to give up the fight for staying alive and how much it hurt to see him quickly start to go. The most amazing man he was, and stood for everything a man should be about. Miss you my Monkey we will one day meet again. Keep watching over me during these rough and worrisome times. Grandpa, have some medical things that need a lot of prayer.

  • teambodily:

    This mans voice invokes the beauty of the blues, he’s one of my all time favorites. I associate a lot of this song with my passed away grandfathered

  • bbabyinthehouse:

    I really like listening to Van while I’m soaking up the last of these summer days and relaxing….this song is great. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • 1forlooker:

    Wonderful live performance by Van. Thank you. It is amazing that Americans influenced your ability to create your music. You truly touch the entire world.

  • Shirlene Abbie:

    aweeeee love this !! thank you

  • Joshua Bailey:

    I broke up with my ex a couple of weeks ago and I’ve found this song, I broke down in tears but it’s odd, it makes me feel so much better…

  • thewsca:


  • teambodily:

    But all in all, I DO love this song and for that matter, pretty much all of his songs. Van’s the Man!

  • teambodily:

    This held such a connection for me when it was first sent to me this year…. now just clarity one all the years of sweet little lies told.

  • veronica246able:

    This song touches my heart and soul beautiful

  • TheGloriaForever:

    This song is just so wonderful…what lyrics and who else but Van could write them. Van ignore the gutter Press your fans adore you. Your Belfast and Dublin shows said it all. You are the Man. Roll on London Blues Festival

  • Anna Eaton:

    this was a song that I listened to after my husband died, it comforted and helped release the tears and kept me going. Music/song is an amazing healer.

  • frabn:

    1st. class.

  • EternalAngel318:

    Epic underated song. One of my favorites from Van. the emotion in this song is so powerful. Love it!

  • angeli442:

    Ein fach super.

  • rsthebestbandever:

    Outstanding, thank you for sharing this. Incredible song by an incredible artist.

  • susanp508:

    love this song Van your the man!!!

  • Sherry baby:


  • LILrEDBaretta:

    Love Van and this song!!! thx!!!

  • no1vanfan:

    Van only has the best musicians playing his music. Sublime

  • Joke Kerkhof:

    Wat een mooi nummer is dat toch,kippevel.
    bedankt voor plaatsen en gr joca.

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