Very good b&w footage of this very powerful performance by Van Morrison of this country classic. Van recorded this song for the “Pay the devil” album/cd/. Or…

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  • CJHawkinsTube:

    In the running for my favorite Van Morrison albums!!! in my opinion a great great studio album. Van is known for his live shows,but i think this is just as good from record as from stage. I’m sure you understand what i’m saying right? Anyway a great album! this and three other videos were included in the special two disc album version,a must have if you can still get.

  • gerry12562:

    One of best sang version of this classic,what an eternal voice van the man has,also an great guitar solo as well-wow,wow,wow,just great and what an memory of an wonderful artist.Gez

  • Byron O'Donnell:

    He revives the soul of country!

  • Phyllis Foster:

    Listning to me Some Good Music tonight ..nothing better Thanks for sending  me the Tunes…

  • carol biggs:

    love this

  • emily turner:

    check out LONG LONELY HIGHWAY by the Mears Brothers on Youtube!!! Another awesome road/life song!!!!

  • newman dave:

    Real Soul ,Class as always

  • Joke Kerkhof:

    Krijg elke keer weer kippevel bij dat nmr,veel uitvoeringen gehoord verschillende artiesten maar niemand kan het met zo gevoel weergeven Van The Man Is The Best.
    gr joke.

  • avadoguian:

    up !!!!!! up !!!! up !!!

  • rubberband1293:

    Rodney Crowell may have written the song, but it was written for Van. Wow – best version I’ve ever heard! Thanks for posting. I’ll be buying the Pay the Devil CD tonight.

  • Larry Gray:

    Do get his Pay the Devil CD as the version on it is absolutely soul stirring. This just doesn’t quite do it justice…at least on my computer. I did not like Pay the Devil until I listened a few times and fell in love with it. I just had to get out of my initial dislike of Van playing country music. Boy does he treat the music lovingly throughout the CD!

  • Joanne Jerrier:

    love this

  • elzurdo2058:

    ¡excelente! gracias por subirla, saludos

  • Ronnie Dahl:

    To ties3330 use realplayer downloader and then open up from my videos and convert to mp3 audio only for your ipod/ipad

  • Tommy Carle:

    Pay the Devil album

  • Burncourtable:

    What Van album was this from? Anyone

  • CruJonesy:

    Of Course the Belfast Cowboy sings country the way it should be done with honesty and soul. I love this album and i recommend it.

  • ties3330:

    Is there a place / adress where this video can be converted in MP3 from you tube??
    please help (it is blocked in this version)

  • lois wilson:

    wonderfull song and van sings it with passion.

  • redsfanstu:

    vossmeister, Thank you for the upload of one fabulous performer, with an equally outstanding musical ensemble providing accompaniment to one of the best musical compositions ever created by a human from Earth,in a word: WONDERFUL! God Save Van Morrison!

  • hhabermann1:

    Van saved my life 29 years ago. Thank you Van, you are every day on my mind!


  • Roy Shaw:

    This song is making me learn how to capture audio from U-tube.


    one of the very best videos ever, thnaks van can really sing this song.

  • Bob Sheidler:

    There are a number of great versions of this song, but this is certainly ONE of the best of them. Great song, and great performance.

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