Van Morrison and Cliff Richard 1989. Originally from the “Avalon sunset” album/cd. *Copyright music and lyrics owned by Exile.

25 Responses to “Van Morrison – Whenever God shines his light – live”

  • eclectica1:

    Contrary to popular belief, not everyone mimed on Top Of The Pops, as proven here…

  • CrimsonRunnerToJesus:

    dang if Cliff Richards isn’t wearing a Freemason square and compass symbol on his neck.


  • Pyroman1990:

    Drugs and alcohol?

  • MrSRV03:

    Very well said, couldnt of put it better myself 🙂

  • MrSRV03:

    Very well said, Couldnt of said it better myself :-)

  • StephenGBrady:

    I don’t personally believe in God, but I think this is a beautiful song. And I think the fact that there is music like this, this positive, is a great thing! Long live Van and Cliff, and may your message get across to as many people as possible

  • TheWheatley14:

    great message in this song

  • KchessK:

    Van Morrison=Genius

  • QueenOfAllReadia:

    Nothing gives (the concept of) God a bad name (two black eyes, and a sucking chest wound), nor separates humans from “God,” like organized religion. I hate them all. But because of a near death experience as a child, nothing is more important to me than my relationship with “God.” I actually like a lot of “religious” music, especially gospel, and this has been my favorite morning wake-up song since it was released. A few times through and I’m bouncing and happy, ready for the day ahead. LOVE IT!

  • stratoreverb:

    Actually this pairing for this tune is really a good match in a way. From what I have learned about both singers is that they have religious backgrounds. Van has some connections with Jehovahs Witnesses and so does Cliff. However neither are affiliated with the JW’s. I believe Cliff is affiliated with a Church and has a faith based in Christianity. Not sure of Van’s current status but obviously he sings the song with soul as though he believes in the Christ as well.

  • katie sweeney:

    That’s what years of grog does to you.
    He’s sober now but wasn’t for some time. I soooo love Van the Man. xx

  • katie sweeney:

    Love this song. Was feeling crappy and down due to family troubles, put this on and feel better.
    Thanks Vossmeister. xx

  • Spring Amatul:

    I just found out Cliff is older than Van Morrison but Van looks older. Cliff looks younger.

  • cujo9:

    fuckinell a hell of a performance.

  • AdeBamforth:

    “He heals the sick
    And he heals the lame”

    No he doesn’t.

  • ootube7:

    OMG this so blessed me tonight and lifted my spirit. So much joy in Jesus 😀
    Thank you for posting ~ Gods blessings & favor upon you vossmeister

  • loza238:

    I remember my dad buying this as a christmas present on record!! sadly he is no longer here brings back good memory’s : -)

  • pacatrue:

    Been a long time since I’ve seen Van do anything in performance other than stand behind the mic with tehe sunglasses, hat, and guitar. Fun.

  • 99butterflygirl:

    Love it, thank you for sharing.

  • PanzerJimmy:

    Van almost healed Cliff :D

  • 1690bluenose:

    Van the man Belfast born an bred. Legend!! And for cliff the is good at what he does.. Simples!!!

  • teddysock:

    our school choir has to sing this but it sounds sooooooo much better w these guys singing it!!!

  • walbassmike:

    both brilliant live…you dont have a career the length of these guys unless your good at what your doing

  • avlisk:

    Van and Stevie? Sure fooled me.

  • bobbystormont:

    If you want to know the difference between a great singer and a good singer, this is exhibit A. Richard is a good singer, but he’s never been great. Morrison is great, even though, on some other occasions, he’s not even good!

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