www.woltersworld.com Scotland is an amazing place. The natural beauty and the beauty if its cities, towns, landscapes, and people shine through the weather. Here are our top ten sites in Scotland. 1. Edinburgh. 2. Glasgow. 3. Isle of Skye. 4. Inverness and the Black Isle. 5. Loch Ness. 6. Castle Road in Aberdeenshire. 7. Orkney Islands. 8. Hiking from Glasgow to Fort William. 9. Stirling. 10. Dirleton. These are in no particular order, just our ten favorite things to do in Scotland. Filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  • woltersworld:

    @megatron45ful sorry megatron… at least maybe taking over the world will go better? 🙂 yeah, we were warned that we got the best summer in years when we were there filming nad traveling. thanks for commenting and watching! any tips please share with us!

  • megatron45ful:

    @woltersworld not perhaps i live there and in the summer its raining

  • woltersworld:

    @megatron45ful Perhaps 😉 Perhaps…

  • megatron45ful:

    scotlands got crap weather

  • woltersworld:

    @wullieready I agree 100% I loved it there. I hope it comes off that way in the video. Wife and I are trying to even find work there to move there we love it so much. Thanks for watching and commenting! I hope you get back as soon as possible!

  • wullieready:

    wonderfull nation . im going back .soon

  • woltersworld:

    Got to Love Scotland!!!! Check out the top ten!

  • seonidh:

    Culross a village dating to the 6th century where St. Kertigen came from. Also Johnny Cash’s family are from Fife and its a beautiful place to see. The neolithic stones on the road are well worth a look at as well.

  • woltersworld:

    @BuickEnclave thanks for commenting. Scotland is great. check out the video “Scotland: 5 things you will love and hate”
    I loved scotland, would love to move there to work, but the darn weather 🙂
    great people too!!! super great people

  • BuickEnclave:

    great vid. Thanks!

  • woltersworld:

    @Jinky1888 I have a 5 things you will love and hate about Scotland video as well… hope you will sill like my videos after that one 🙂
    though it was hard to find 5 things one would “hate” about scotland… one was the weather and another was the stores closing at 6… so not too many bad things 🙂

  • woltersworld:

    I loved Scotland. You guys have the nicest people in Europe. I loved it, my mom loved it, my dad loved it, my wife loved it, hell my three year old son is still screaming SCOTLAND in a really really bad Scottish accent. Great place.

  • Jinky1888:

    Hey, great video, i am glad you enjoyed my country, you gave a great list of good places to visit.

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