A 3 day working visit to the island, Highly recommend Polrudden Guest House.

4 Responses to “Ward Hill, South Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland”

  • celtic1wish:

    Brrrr, cold !! look after yourself x

  • celticquester:

    Ya joker, you!! Glad to know you’re not up there all alone!! 🙂

  • Oxgangs1966:

    I’m all by my lonesome so I would die out there if something bad happens office disnae care aboot me as long as I’m there and they’re warm n’ comfy they couldnae give a hoot. 😉
    Nah, I’m with the riggers up there but I am a loneworker and thats what makes the job…dodgy especially with the state of the tracks.

  • celticquester:

    All I can say about this one is BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Out on the frozen tundra! When you go places like this… are you all alone? If so, what if something were to happen? How would you get help?

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