Kathleen MacInnes anc company singing a waulking song: Gaol lse gaol (She’s my love)

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  • Metabigotry:

    Traditionally in Cape Breton, men took part in waulking songs (or milling frolics, as they are known there).

  • Donegal:

    No idea, maybe the dulcimer antecesor 🙂

  • fiedelmina:

    what is that interesting hammered string instrument in the background?
    Sorry if that was answered before and I don’t read through all the comments, as with all trad music videos there is sadly too much nationalist/racist/idiotic stuff going on. 😉

  • katekakes:


  • morgannicgregor:

    It’s lovely, what language is it in? Irish, Welsh, or Scottish?

  • Postie218:

    Just my opinion, men’s voices don’t belong in waulking songs.

  • machairflower:

    it had human urine traditionally but modern times soap was used

  • sulray:

    Beautiful, loved the music…ray sydney aust

  • 923min923:


  • myfindhorn2:

    Sgioba Luaidh Inbhirchluaidh is a walking group in inverclyde, on their site you will get pictures song and video’s, they are also on utube

  • ruthofzion:

    Was lucky enough to take part in a session of waulking the tweed at my Gaidhlig Class with Morag Law from the group Bannal.

  • msTmattole:

    wish I could see the waulking done as the song was sung. Sweet. Thank you

  • allisonforfornsed:

    Hey it’s that weird cute girl with the cute little voice again!

  • guyfihi:

    I agree with you, but people with hate in their heart irritate me.

  • wowza191:

    Honestly everyone, all this native american crap was years ago. You need to let things go.

  • wowza191:

    0:30 is when they start singing properly 🙂

  • guyfihi:

    Oh really Donegal Ray, you hate all 280 million Americans except for Native Americans. What you so bowed up for? That’s a lot of hate brother. Yeah we have “Plastic Paddies” over here, but you have skanger yobs in Ireland. There is good and bad in every culture. You need to take the stick out of your butt and stop painting with such a broad brush.

  • Forysan:

    On the male side of things a Walker was anyone who worked as watchman for an estate. So at some point someone in that family was basically Night Security who yelled “GET THEE DOWN! GET THEE DOWN ON YON GROUND NOW! OR I SHALL MACE THEE!” LOL

  • DonegalRaymie201:

    There’s not a Gael worth his weight, who doesn’t identify with the native Indian Americans! They are the native People who YOU have robbed of everything!
    The English were bad, but even they gave the Native Americans Rights over their own lands, that you fuckers had to deprive them of! I hate Americans, except the amazing native Peoples, not you hideous, Plastic Paddies that embarass at every turn!

  • Green Manelishi:

    Because they are daft?

  • Green Manelishi:

    Because they are daft?

  • ongawesgone:

    It is beautiful. What I don’t understand, however, is, why do so many people (especially here in the “Colonies”) find non-english singing from other countries so wonderful, yet, so many are always making fun of the singing of the Native Peoples in their own country. When someone is talking about going to/having gone to a powwow, the first thing they say is, “I went to a powwow, and all I understood was ‘heya-heya-heya’.” That insults me.

  • Dick Glasgow:

    That’s Jim Sutherland & either he has discovered the ancient Gaelic Tiompán, or it is it simply an ancient Chinese instrument, like a Zhu?

    But seriously, I’ve written to Jim to find out more, so watch this space! 😉

  • jorjonzn:

    Just wonderful. The instrument is not a hammered dulcimer — don’t know what it is.

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