Filmed in the style of a mock advert/promo this video features Ireland’s third largest airline, Aer Arann and it’s fleet of ATR 42 and ATR 72 at Dublin, Galway and Cork airports. Filmed in 2007, set to music, plenty of closeup shots of this great, growing airline.

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  • jushaughti:

    @bananamanuk HI Thanks for the information i shall look into it

  • bananamanuk:

    @jushaughti Hi there, thanks for your comment. What a question! it all depends on where you are and how far you want to travel. I would recommend the West coast of ireland for scenery and rugid coastlines e.g. Galway. Otherwise, Cork has some nice coastal areas and lovely places like Kinsale with lots of boats and calm waters. I’ve never been up north to Donegal or Sligo but they look lovely. Depends on what you like really!. try the visitireland website for more 🙂

  • jushaughti:

    nice video i am hoping to get on aer arann one day but i do not no where to go with the airline any suggestions

  • JokeTimes101:

    @mitsubishe im from Galway, Best place to live

  • bananamanuk:

    Great stuff, I hope you have a really good flight and I hope your experience at Galway Airport proves my previous message, it’s a great airport, no hassle. It’s also been done up recently, even has a gift shop there now. Enjoy your Aer Arann flight!

  • mitsubishe:

    im going galway – manchester in one of those babys tomorrow.. cant wait

  • bananamanuk:

    Hi, yes i made this myself – there are a few variations on this music in my other Ireland & Aer Arann videos.

  • AO1145:

    You made it yourself? I should try doing that to a tribute to some airline. Unfortunately I live in Sweden, so I dont go to ireland that much. But I think I baught a cd on Carrols when I where in Dublin.
    I will continue watching, and please continue inspire me!

  • bananamanuk:

    thanks a lot AO115 really pleased you like my Aer Arann video. The music is something that I produced using samples in Magix Music Maker. I hope you continue to keep watching 🙂

  • AO1145:

    Very good film! I keep watching it because of the good song! What is it called? I Love for some reason irish music! And btw… very good film once again!

  • bananamanuk:

    Hi draoi99, I did the Luton Galway flight with Aer Arann the other week, it was a really nice flight so easy and totally stressfree. Thanks for your comment.

  • draoi99:

    I flew with Aer Arann in an ATR once Luton to Galway and I loved it! They’re great planes and the landing was so smooth we were on the runway before I knew it.

  • flobber777:

    I really like the ATR wan’t to fly these bird for Cimber Sterling in Denmark. I’ve been flying on jumpseat many times and I still love it. It’s better than flying the B737 or A320. Thoose planes are boring everybody got thoose. ATR are really nice and this is real flying not like the Airbus. Airbus is only a computer with wings in my eyes.
    ATR proud to be turboprob xD

  • bananamanuk:

    Hi flobber777 nice to hear of another person that likes the ATR, if you get time, pleasecheck out my other videos I’ve got a few featuring the ATR with some nice engine sounds too.

  • flobber777:

    I love the ATR really, they are just amazing!

  • bananamanuk:

    Thanks Want2bPilot94, glad you liked the video. The ATR is a smart aircraft, love the sound of the turboprops!

  • Want2bPilot94:

    Cool plane and song!

  • bananamanuk:

    hello wesseldewerk, thank you for your comment, Aer Arann is a fine airline

  • wesseldewerk:

    every time when i’m going from holland to ireland (cork) i’m flying with ryanair to dublin and then i’il take aer arann to cork! it’is 1 of the best airliners in the wordl (L)

  • timppa600:

    cool song 😀

  • 18daryus:


  • AbcSchoolOfPolish:

    NIce video. Brilliant music too. Thanks for posting this.

  • 399jetblast:

    they are a nice plane

  • bananamanuk:

    hi no, it’s a wav file

  • julist1010:

    is it MIDI file???

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