I’m going to be studying in Edinburgh, Scotland and would really like to know local restaurants, pubs, shops, anything that aren’t easily found on a tourist website. If you could give any suggestions to local, non-touristy places it would be greatly greatly appreciated!

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  • guiri:

    There are no non -tourist places in Edinburgh.
    Perhaps the University Union bar, Drumsheugh Baths, or the New Club because they are members only.
    (Ingratiate yourself with a member!)
    Chambers Street Museum is still surprisingly quiet as are the Botanics.

    Modern tourists get everywhere.

  • andrew m:

    Powderhall dog racing track
    pubs in niddrie
    pubs in wester hailes
    local chippys
    saughton prison

  • Lucky Number Slevin:

    my crack house wee laddie

  • AnnaBanana:

    My brother just finished his Ph.D at the University there, and my husband and I went over to visit. We only did a couple “touristy” things but had a lot of fun just wandering around the city. They lived near Comely Bank Road, and that area near has a lot of fun little charity shops and good restaurants. I love the charity shops. You can find just about anything in those places for cheap, and it’s definitely not touristy!

    Another fun thing we did was having a picnic at the big grassy area right in front of the bridge between Old Town and New Town. It’s a great place to sit and drink tea and people watch. There were probably a few other tourists but it seemed mostly like couples and local teenagers.

    The Royal Oak is a tiny pub we went to where people just pass around the guitar and sing songs. There was even a kid playing the bagpipes. It was tiny and not touristy at all.

    Another neat pub we went to was the Jekyll and Hyde. I can’t remember what night it is, but they have drink specials on “B Movie Night”. It was all locals but us, and is pretty hilarious. They do a double feature of weird old movies and everyone drinks quietly and laughs at the bad special effects. The bar itself is very cool looking inside. It’s dark and creepy!

    There was another really neat pub near the University that my brother took us to, but I can’t remember the name of it. It had couches… man, I can’t remember. I even tried searching. Sorry! But once you meet some other students you’ll have no trouble finding great places to hang out. It’s a beautiful city, and I didn’t feel like anyplace but the Royal Mile was packed with tourists. I hope you like it there as much as my brother has enjoyed it!

  • Girzie:

    It depends where you end up staying. There will be local pubs and restaurants in every district which are not frequented by tourists who mainly restrict themselves to the centre of the city as their time is limited. As you get to know people, you wil lfind out the best places to go.

  • Stonewall:

    very very funny andrew m, lmao

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