I was in Edinburgh in 2003 and I went on an underground ghost tour that was more interesting than frightening.

I also went on one that took us through a cemetery (an old Jewish cemetery) that was pretty frightening. This tour led us into the mausoleum of a famous Scottish ghost and one woman in our group started screaming when we were all crammed in the mausoleum because she thought the ghost was going to attack her. It was pretty intense!

I loved Edinburgh and I want to go back soon.

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  • Staveros:

    Edinburgh castle

  • ita_may:

    me too!!! love edin…took the same tour u went…it was scary yet hillarious to see other people reactions….few times felt like my heart is droping out…my godness….i would never take this tour again….NEVER!!

  • madqueenmadb:

    I went on the same tour you did that took us through the cemetery and to the Mackenzie mausoleum. The cemetery, however, is not a Jewish one. Though it is very creepy and scary.

    I thought the scariest part of the tour was when we all were in the mausoleum, someone jumped out to scare us and made us scream and our tour guide says, “Energy is what causes the poltergeist to lash out. Imagine how much energy you all just released into the atmosphere!” I left very quickly after that, haha!

    There are lots of other tours though. Mercat Tours has a few different ones including “Secrets of the Royal Mile”, “Ghosts and Ghouls”, and “Ghosthunter Trail”. They might be worth a look. The Cadies and Witchery Tours do two tours called “Ghosts and Gore” and “Murder and Mystery”.

    I’d like to try them all if I got a chance! Even if they turn out to be pretty tame, at lease you get to go walking through a great city and see the things there without getting lost!

  • Basement Bob:

    Edinburgh Ghost Tours, Walks, etc
    For Tourists and Other Visitors to Scotland
    Here are the Edinburgh ghost tours & walks that I know of
    Note that I am not connected with any of these walks – please contact the operator for more information.

    Auld Reekie Tours
    Auld Reekie’s “Ultimate Ghost and Torture Tour” goes underground. Walks leave from the Tron Church on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and last around 90 minutes.

    Black Hart Storytellers
    The Black Hart’s “City of the Dead” graveyard trail leaves nightly from the Royal Mile and includes entrance to the Covenanters Prison in Greyfriars Graveyard, site of Edinburgh’s famous MacKenzie Poltergeist.

    Mercat Tours
    Possibly the most well-known of Edinburgh ghost walks, Mercat Tours have a variety of events including their Haunted Underground Experience, Ghosts and Ghouls tour, Ghost Hunter Trail and even a Haunted Edinburgh bus tour.

    Witchery Tours
    Witchery Tours run their Ghosts and Gore event between May and August. Their Murder and Mystery event runs all year. Tours start from the Witchery Restaurant and the price includes Witchery Tales book. Booking essential.

  • tich302001:

    The Witchery tours are the best in my humble opinion we went on the tour of Mary Kings Close which I found fascinating. But I think the above tours are the best.

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