I am not having the traditional “here comes the bride” and I want a song that my bridesmaids and such can walk down to that has a ‘celtic’ feeling (violens, flutes, harps etc.), but I can walk down it as well at some point. Thanks a lot!

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  • weddrev:

    Take a listen to the songs listed on a colleagues’ site. Some pretty cool music. You’ll find Celtic about mid-page.


  • nreed1011:

    my violinist played Paganini’s Witches dance… it was perfect. Blessed be!

  • willow:

    We did “May Flowers” by the O’Neill Brothers (my husband is Irish). It was for our recessional, but there are a ton of other songs by them. I’ve included a link below, so you can listen to a 30 second sample.

  • SirenSong:

    The Corrs have beautiful Celtic instrumentals. Rebel Heart, Lough Erin Shore, Toss The Feathers, Haste to the Wedding, Minstrel Boy.

    Celtic Woman might have something that you like as well. The song can have lyrics if you want.

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