We want to tour Scotland again, but this time want to be sure that the boys are somewhat entertained along the way…..hopefully this will make our travel experience more bearable! We have already seen Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, Ayr and Aberdeen. Any thoughts on what would be interesting for all of us? As long as the boys have a few things to look forward to along the way, that should keep them quiet (hopefully). Thanks so much for any advice you can give.

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  • itsaghirlthing:

    Hi! I’ve given you a few sites to have a wee look at for SW Scotland! Have a great holiday!

  • cosmic_quest:

    Have you considered going up to the Highlands this time around? The views there are beautiful but there is also plenty of opportunities for outdoor and water sports for your boys so there is something for everyone. This is a summer recommendation though since I don’t think hypothermia is an activity you want to indulge in!

  • Basement Bob:

    The best place to visit in Scotland is Edinburgh whether travelling with two teenage boys & a nine year old or two dwarfs, a monkey & a giraffe

  • Sparkle--x:

    Why Don’t you try dundee?

    its a great city.

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