can anyone remind me of the story (scottish/celtic folklore)
hmm strange use of vulgar…
mostly i would like to know what to carry

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  • Terry:

    The Kelpies.
    The superstition respecting the water-horse, in one form or other, is
    common to the Celtic race. He was supposed to intimate by preternatural lights and noises the death of those about to perish by water, and it was vulgarly believed that he even assisted in drowning his victims. The water-horse was thought to be an evil spirit, who, assuming the shape of a horse, tried to allure the unwary to mount him, and then soaring into the clouds, or rushing over mountain, and water, would suddenly vanish into air or mist, and precipitate his rider to destruction.

    The Welsh water-horse resembles the Kelpie of the Scotch. Jamieson, under the word _Kelpie_, in his _Scottish Dictionary_, quoting from various authors, as is his custom, says:–“This is described as an aquatic demon, who drowns not only men but
    ships. The ancient Northern nations believed that he had the form of a
    horse; and the same opinion is still held by the vulgar in Iceland.

    The Scotch Kelpie closely resembled the Irish Phoocah, or Poocah, a
    mischievous being, who was particularly dreaded on the night of All
    Hallow E’en, when it was thought he had especial power; he delighted to assume the form of a black horse, and should any luckless wight bestride the fiendish steed, he was carried through brake and mire, over water and land at a bewildering pace. Woe-betide the timid rider, for the Poocah made short work of such an one, and soon made him kiss the ground. But to the bold fearless rider the Poocah submitted willingly, and became his obedient beast of burden.

    It was believed that the initiated could conjure up the River Horse by shaking a magic bridle over the pool wherein it dwelt.

  • cardimom:

    Terry, the adjective is Scottish, Scotch is a drink.

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