I’ll be in Edinburgh, Scotland on the last 2 weeks of May 2010. What types of clothing should I bring? I heard it will be summer there but some say it can get pretty wet or cold at times. Should I stick to jeans and shirts or I can wear dress and tights? Is it comfy enough to wear boots? Thanks!

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  • StylishKidInTheRiotYAYAYA:

    Wear anything really, in May it might get wet at times but it’s not very cold. bring jeans, tshirts, light jackets, skirts, dresses, tights, you name it.

  • Brian G:

    Scottish weather is very finicky I have been there three times bring a three season jacket,sweater,jeans are fine for walking around.Dresses are good for evenings out Boots are fine make sure you have good support for ankles.There are alot of cobble stones in the old section.Princes Street is in the New Town.The natives shop and drink in the Pubs There.
    Have Fun it’s a great city

  • B K:

    May is usually quite nice, but our weather is changeable. It won’t be that cold but it might get wet. Just make sure you have a brolly (umbrella), and a coat just in case.

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