I’m trying to find anything he changed that would have changed the church in England for those who didn’t like taxes, etc . . . I’m doing a question on whether the new laws where made for religious reasons or because Henry viii needed a sucessor. Thanks =]

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  • The King:

    Henry the VIII had a very special personality,but first of all he wanted an Heir to continue the Tudor’s Dinasty,He hoped that with the recognition of The King like ‘Head Supreme of The Church and The Clergy in England’ Should succeeded to annul,alone, the Marriage with Catherine of Aragon….Only one exponent of the Clergy opposed to him,he was John Fisher that died for this opposition…..The annulment of the King’s First Marriage happened however when the New Arcbishop fo Canterbury,Thomas Cranmer,deliberated that
    ‘The Marriage beetween King Henry of England and Catherine of Aragon is Declared null and Void’


    The King

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