i heard news that this year (2009) that the loch ness monster will have more prove of sightings, some videos of loch ness monster might be real.. i also scientis are gettin closer to find some real evidence of the monster so theres hope….

what do you guys think?

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  • future_lion_food:

    i <3 Nessie! i don't necessarily believe in her, but shes a cool myth! i really hope she is real!

  • tzddean:

    I think scientists wouldn’t waste their time. The lake has already been mapped, and if there was a large creature living in it, it would have been found by now.

  • Kate:

    It’s obvious that Nessie exists! I totally believe in him! 🙂

  • Madison:

    I think that is really cool!! It would be cooler if we found really good proof for other creatures that are a mystery!

  • kathryynBABES!:

    i hope hes pink instead of green.

    that would be so cool!
    a pinnnkk dino thing XD

  • Tay:

    I believe that Nessie is out there but is unwilling to show herself to those that dont believe. Only to people who dont need to see to believe, does that make sence?

  • Marcos Medina:

    Well hopefully they do find it, i think there is such thing as the loch ness i mean with such a huge ocean, and they’ve even found these huge octopuses that sink the hell out of mid size cargo ships.

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