i was researching the last name boyd and it said possible origins come from scottish clan boyd, is a clan like family?

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  • Mr Hyde:

    It is the family of the same name . But I think a Scot should answer this properly. That said clans are worldwide , for instance Native Americans can be said to be part of different clans ,ie tribes.

  • towanda:

    A clan is usually an extended family. You hear about the large Scottish gatherings and families from each Scottish clan are there. I remember reading the book Highlander and in one of the series written about the 1700’s everyone looked forward to the gatherings and would travel far and wide to be there and see old friends and family. It was a time of celebration where tradition would be followed and passed on to the young and maybe marriages arranged for all were there. In the book I could see the large evening fire written about and each clan would shout out their name and proclaim that their clan was there. So all of this to say, yes, it means family.

  • Isa241:

    It’s a large group of closely or loosely related people descending from the same area. They share the same “chief”, tartan pattern and coat of arms.

  • p_crothall:

    clan is all the people with that name whether related or not

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