The protestants complained that the catholic church was wicked so what did Henry viii change about his own church so his church wasn’t wicked ?

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  • Bilbo:

    Got Thomas Cromwell to whitewash most of them – take out the stained glass and pull down the rood screen – the work carried on by Henry’s son Edward VI. An act of cultural vandalism that was eclipsed by the Dissolution of the Monasteries which got rid of all the monks and nuns and ruined some of the finest architecture in the land.

  • Korchnoi's Complaint:

    Henry VIII never referred to himself or the English church as “Protestant.” During his lifetime, the term “Protestant” had a very restricted meaning, referring only to certain sects active in countries on the continent of Europe.

  • Ana:

    back in the day, henry viii was married to his first wife catherine of aragon. he wanted a divorce in order to marry anne boleyn, but the catholic church refused to grant him one…so he broke. he really didn’t make any positive changes to the church of england, quite the opposite. instead he stripped the abbeys and churches of their wealth in order to fund his various military campaigns and extravagant living.

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