My friend and I are travelling to Dublin this summer from the US, and want to see more of Ireland. He mentioned renting a bike, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Car rentals look pretty expensive, but if they’re worth it, I guess we’ll have to get one. What would be the best way to get around?

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  • Wall P:

    Rent a car is the best way but as you say it is expensive. Ireland has a good bus service both pubic and private and you should be able to get around to most places using the buses. Also Ireland is not very big, 300 miles by 150 miles (similar in size to the state of Maine) so it does not take too long to get any-were. My preference would be a car but drive carefully as the roads there are nothing like the roads in the States. Also if you rent a car drive out of Dublin as soon as you can as there is no much to see there. Head west towards Galway where you can base yourself for a few days and see Connemara, The Aran Islands – definitely worth the effort. The Burren in County Clare, The Cliffs of Moher. Stick to the west coast ad you will not be disappointed.

  • rukidding:

    I saw Rick Steves do the more remote parts of Ireland by mail carrier. They are like a rural bus. All you have to do is ask them to transport you along their route. All you have to do is ask. Try Rick Steves website and he can give you the details. Have fun and have a pint on me!

  • moc_senior:

    Bikes are a good way but watch out for Irish car drivers. They are creative and frequently totally inconsiderate of others !!! Horse and caravan a very good way in the scenic South West – if you are not in a hurry and want to meet people. Trains erratic but improving. Busses not bad. Check out Bord Failte. Enjoy your visit !!!

  • Amber911Fire:

    Buses are great. They go just about everywhere. Trains are also great, quicker than driving, but don’t always go to the smaller villages. Bike rental is good but you should consider the amount of rain Ireland gets. Taxis are just about everywhere but could be costly if you are going long distances. Car rental could be cheaper if you rent quite a bit ahead. Check around irish websites.

  • MG:

    Definitely by car. You’ll hardly get out of Dublin on a bike, and to be honest, you’re really taking your life in your hands cycling on Irish roads. You can hire a small car for around €30 per day. Now it won’t be a luxury car, maybe a Nissan micra or such, but it will certainly get you around to the places of interest like The Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, The Burren and many other places of interest. If you are just going to travel to the larger towns and cities it’s probably better to go by bus as it is relatively cheap compared to the train and it will drop you right in the center of things. There are several bus companies running services to and from Dublin so you should be able to pick out a fairly good one quite easily. Bus Eireann, the national bus service, generally have a fleet of new buses but they do tend to stop a lot. You could look for the express service though.

  • leef:

    It’s sad to admit, but public transport in rural areas is pretty near non-existent, whatever people here maintain. If you want to see lots of different things/places it will have to be a car.
    In case you want to take it easy, get a car for a day and go to Galway or Cork, then get a bike and have a look around the area.
    Stay out of Dublin, with a car you won’t get anywhere (near-permanent gridlock) and with a bike you will take your life into your hands, Dublin cars all have the magic windscreen which renders pedestrians and cyclists invisible the moment you get behind it.

  • Sexy...:


  • marycheneysstrapon:

    You will have to rent a car if you want to see the countryside, I am afraid. I wouldn’t drive a car in Dublin, though, since parking can be a bit of a challenge. Ireland has limited public transportation outside of its major cities, and thus cars are a necessity. If you are from a country that drives on the right (like the US), get an automatic transmission to make driving on the left easier, at least for your first trip. When you rent, don’t be surprised at the insurance cost to rent a car, either. There will be an extra charge for liability insurance that they don’t mention.

    Overall, enjoy your trip to the Emerald Isle…it’s a beautiful country. As with other posters, I would recommend the west coast…Galway, Cliffs of Moher, Connemarra (visit the national park there).

  • Tipper:

    Don’t mind those other answers, public transport is an absolute nightmare in ireland!!! They are unreliable, slow and expensive!! Plus smaller villages often don’t have a stop. train travel is almost non existant.
    the best way to get around ireland is travel by car. rent one at the airport. remember that the roads are much worse than say in the states, and a 120 mile journey wil probably take 3 hours. SIgn posting is also very tricky, so if you have satellite navigation bring it !!!
    I would not advise to travel by bike, the roads are narrow and dangerous! we have a lot of road deaths here every year! There are a lot of bad drivers here so be careful!!
    I don’t want to sound negative but it’s good to be warned!
    Hope you have a safe journey 🙂

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