I want to go to Ireland next year, but I don’t know where to start with the planing. And I don’t know what places I should go and see and which would be the best way of getting to those places. The reason why I want to go to Ireland is because my family is from there, but I have no living relatives there. I have a $2,500 budget including airfare. And if you know any deals with rental car, hotel, and airfare PLEASE TELL ME!!

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  • dream:

    try something like orbitz.com they usually have deals on cars,hotel, and airfare in one.

  • sensitiveazzhole:

    buy plane tickets early, and travel during a non-busy season/day

  • tigercub1:

    try to find the web site for rick steves europe.he knows all the good stuff and how to do it on budget.google rick steves europe.also there is a site cheapotickets.com.i use them all the time.they are the cheapest and also know it is cheaper to fly on wednesdays and thursdays but wednesday seems the cheapest.dont know why exactly but thats a fact.have a great trip. i would also say buy the plane tickets now even though it is in advance and once those are out of the way you will have plenty of time to save or cash purchases. also know if you plan on taking laptops electric razors or other electric stuff you need to find out what kind of gizmo you need to attach to it to make it fit their electric plugs .any AAA office can tell you that for free and you can buy that now from a walmart or kmart is cheaper than radio shack or places like that.i am not sure but i think AAA’s prices might be higher. you dont have to be a member to ask the question or buy any items you see there. ireland is chilly and misty so i know rick steves reccomends a jacket and umbrella. you can buy one that folds really small that can go in your luggage.you need a passport also.if you dont have one get a form from the post office.happy travels.rick steves gives you the names of the best bed and breakfasts and their locations.

  • patticharron:

    I went a few years ago for the fourth time. I rented a car and drove along the coast and across the island twice. I stayed in small B&Bs and farm homes. Some accommodations are better than others but in all cases, the hosts were lovely. Breakfast is hearty and included. I got a lot of input from my hosts each day. It was fab and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    You get a voucher for X number of overnights, depending on your length of stay. You get a list of particpating hosts. You phone ahead as you go. You are not required to plan the entire trip ahead. It’s a great way to go, giving you lots of flexibility.

    I used this tour company: (great site, loads of info)


    Also, check out:


    There are lots of options so shop around. Search for “drive ireland farm homes.”

    Have a lovely time.

  • coolcampersforhire:

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  • xxLaurenxx:

    Im not sure how much that is in euro lol….but if yooure on a budget, theres lots of ways to save money
    *Avoid dining out or buying drinks in the centre….very costly
    *Hotels are expensive so id recommend B&Bs….youd probably prefer the atmosphere anyway
    *Rent a car or take the public transport….buses/trains are reasonably reliable and much more commonly used here than in the states

    I think the guided tours are your best bet if you want to see the “sights”….it might seem a little commercial…but if you go out on your own, you will probably miss out on some good attractions and you can get some kind of “tourist pass” once you arrive in Dublin Airport

    Dublin (and the east coast) is a very different “world” to the west….so
    Dublin is the place to go for the art galleries, city tours and of course the nightlife!maybe spend some time in both?

    For a great night out, you wont get better than Temple Bar ((its where all the best bars are,,,,very expensive though)
    Id Recommend
    Dorans (GREAT live music and food)
    The Viperoom
    Theres alway great music in Tripod….it a lovely place too

    Bars aside,
    You can visit Dublin Castle
    the Dublin Spire is on O’Connells Street (extremely overated but very tall lol)
    Depending what youre into, theres lot of museums and art galleries such as the National Gallery and the Irish Museum Of Modern Art, most of which are free or just a small fee.

    Phoenix Park…..with the zoo!
    Grafton Street/Henry Street (for shopping!)

    its not all urban!
    Im from Wicklow (which is just south of Dublin
    its really nice there also, and i recommend it if you want “scenic” stuff….its known as the “garden of Ireland” here…
    You should defo visit “Glendalough”….its a national Park and the views are breathtaking (as well as the monuments ect)
    Also, in Wicklow, you could visit Powerscourt Gardens or Powerscourt Waterfall. These are in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow and VERY worth a visit on a nice day
    If you plan more time and really want to experience “old” ireland, i think you should go to the West (fly to Shannon Airport)
    in fact, if youre looking for a “green” holiday on limited time, id recommend you JUST stay West….you wont be bored!
    ….Try County Clare
    i have family who live in a town there called Ballyvaughan….and its absolutely beautiful
    There, i think your best bet is to stay in a thatched cottage and visit the little pubs and restaraunts by the sea – theres often live music.
    Theres also lots of cool scenic things there too.
    The burren (take a look at the Dolmens, theyre incredible!), the Ailwee caves, The cliffs of Moher.
    Theres also a “birds of Prey” sanctuary near the Burren – worth a visit.
    .The people are SO friendly there and so proud of the County- the accents are crazy too lol.
    Theyre very welcoming to tourists so you’d fit right in!

    Have a great trip when ya get around to gettin here!
    I reckon youll find this site quite useful 😉 http://www.discoverireland.ie/

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