I am hoping for a cheap ferry to will take me over to england, where I can then catch a train. My budget is small but I really want to include ireland on my euro trip which is where I will be flying into. Any information will be helpful since I dont know a damn thing about europe or public transportation.

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  • Tangierchick:

    What about the train? You do get some good deals. Check out the Coaches too. Also check the airlines, sometimes Ryan air is quite cheap and cheerful. Good luck. Bon voyage

  • Terry Z:

    Walk, swim, walk.

  • sarah:

    Ferry is cheap. But if you’re not taking a car, RyanAir can be just as cheap. Rude and mean and horrible to you but cheap.

  • Trust Me I'm a Doctor ♥:

    If your budget is small I would forget about visiting Ireland if I were you, seriously its very expensive to visit here right now, public transport in particular is not cheap. Outside of the main towns/cities there is only a very limited bus/train service, you are better off staying in the city you fly into (Dublin) if you are not hiring a car.

    You can get a bus from Ireland over to the UK http://www.buseireann.ie/inner.php?id=210 the cheapest fare I could see was an economy for 36 Euro one way

    I am sure you can use Google to familiarise yourself with Europe and its public transport system.

  • bluebell:

    Ferry fares as a foot passenger between Ireland and England are pretty cheap, but relatives in England tell me that train fares there are horrendously expensive. You might find a better deal to fly, but try to book at least 2 weeks in advance. Last minute flights are usually dearer. Midweek prices are mostly cheaper than weekends.

    I did a notional search at http://www.farecompare.com/flights/Dublin-DUB/London-LON/market.html based on a return fare from Dublin leaving and returning on Wednesdays in February, and got best price for Aer Lingus £39 including taxes and fees, up to £121 for Air France, with other flight providers in between. And the flight itself takes 1 hour 20 minutes. Ferry and train would take at least 6 hours together, plus extra time spent hanging around in between.

    As well as the website above, you could investigate http://www.cheapflights.ie/Flights/DUB/LON/Dublin-London.htm which showed a “final price” of €12 for Ryanair, though you need to check this out thoroughly as Ryanair doesn’t always include all the taxes and fees in the prices it offers, and their quoted prices are mostly for each leg of the journey. The journey back may be at a different price than the outward one. Also, extra charges for baggage, checking in at the airport etc. bump up the end price and often make them quite expensive for a “low fare airline”.

  • Martin Cured His Bieber Fever:

    On Stena Line’s website the prices are £25 for a one person single from Rosslare (that’s in the far south east of Ireland) to Fishguard (that’s in the south west of Wales)! 🙂 But the ferry takes such a long time, wouldn’t it be much quicker to get to London on a Ryanair flight from Shannon/Cork/Dublin airports to one of the London airports? I suggest you check out Ryanair.com for some cheap flights over to England! On Stena Line’s website it says that the journey across the Irish sea takes 3 hours, but a Ryanair flight can fly you over from Ireland to London in less than an hour!

  • Sláinte xxxx:

    Here is a link that may help you it has good priceshttps http://www.irishferries.com/index-uk-ie.asp

  • delilahd86:

    Flying Ryanair (as much of a nightmare as it is) would definitely be the cheapest and quickest way especially if u only had a little carry on luggage. I managed to book return flights today for only €20! Delighted!!

  • Maxi:

    Definitely the cheapest is Ryan Air (book early as poss and check if taxes included or not) and coach ( not train…too expensive)…….but you will need what you save on travel for Ireland……….it is rather expensive at the moment…………and doesn’t look like getting much cheaper in the near future…………………………

  • Anseo:

    Trains in the UK and ireland are very expensive, honestly the cheapest way to get from london to ireland is with the airline Ryanair (google it). You can fly one way for as little as €10, Also you could fly from ireland or the UK to any other part of europe for as little as €40. Airfare in europe in europe is ridiculous cheap compared to the rest of the world.

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