how do scottish people prepare their food?

2 Responses to “what kind of common ingredients does scotland use?Also what is scotland’s serving customs & preparing of food?”

  • VINCE W:

    Scottish people only ever eat food that has been deep-fat fried (even their chocolate bars go into the fryer). To drink, serve them Irn Bru (for children under the age of 5) or cans of Special Brew (everyone else).

  • msjantastic:

    My father came from Scotland and we did not eat much in fried foods so not sure where this remark is coming from. We did have pasties, meat pies, black pudding, fine desserts and short bread every Christmas. We had healthy breakfasts of eggs and whole grain cereals; like cream of rice or cream or wheat or oat meal. Sundays dinner was ALWAYS roasted chicken. They did serve a thick dark yellow syrup that was in a can but I cannot recall the name and I do remember it was just to rich for me. Sometimes we did have weird stuff like calf’s heart or kidney pie which even to this day I will not eat.
    I was allowed to drink tea at a young age and also had coffee when I was a young teen. Today I drink either.

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