My wife, daughter and I are living in the UK for two years. We want to buy something unique to take with us when we move back to the US – like a neat piece of furniture or other household items. What items is the UK known for?

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  • Atheissimo:

    It really depends how big you’re looking to buy.

    An iconic piece of furniture from England would be an AGA stove, which used to be the centrepiece of the kitchen in larger homes or country houses. Traditionally coal fired, they are now made to run on oil and gas. However, they are very large and quite expensive.

    Another traditional item made in the UK since medieval times is the Rocking horse. You’ve probably come across these before, but they were traditionally carved hundreds of years ago by fathers for their children and by craftsmen for princes.

    Another English piece of furniture is the Longcase clock (also known as the ‘Grandfather clock’), first designed and buit by William Clement. They range from simple wooden designs to ornate designs which include a clockwork calendar in the face.

    A traditional Welsh piece of furniture is the Welsh Dresser, which is a large cabinet designed for display and storage purposes and made by Welsh craftsmen.

    Finally, a traditional bit of Scottish craftsmanship is the two handed Claymore sword. I’m not sure what the import restrictions are concerning swords, but they can be bought for display purposes. They were the famous weapon of choice for the Highland clans and were often as long as 4 feet.

    Obviously there’s a lot more in terms of trinkets and general craft that you might see during your stay, but these aer just a few examples.

  • fozzy23:

    Hey, there are way too many things to give a totally concise list, however, there are plenty of iconic pieces of furniture you can take back to the US with you.

    Atheissimo has some great suggestions, but you can really find amazing pieces of antique, english furniture in good antique shops across the country. Auctions are also great places to find interesting and often unique pieces of furniture.

    However, furniture CAN be expensive, and the UK is NOT cheap for foreign visitors by any stretch of the imagination.

    Hope this helps 😀

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    You know I think you can but some of those old red telephone boxes to put in your garden or something, but I’m not sure where…

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