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  • Laura:

    This work was painted in the years 1468-1469, the early Italian Renaissance.

    Events of 1468
    August 26 – Baeda Maryam succeeds his father Zara Yaqob as Emperor of Ethiopia.
    October 14 – The Treaty of Péronne is signed by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and Louis XI of France.
    The Lancastrians surrender Harlech Castle to King Edward IV of England after a seven-year siege.
    The Great Council of the Republic of Venice attempts to curb the power of the Council of Ten through legislation restricting them to acting on emergency matters.
    Metz Cathedral is completed.

    Events of 1469
    March 20 – The Battle of Nibley Green in England is the last fought between the private armies of feudal magnates.
    July 26 – Battle of Edgecote Moor: The House of Lancaster defeats the House of York.
    October 19 – Prince Ferdinand of Aragon marries Princess Isabella of Castile. This event will lead to a unified Spain in 1492.
    Sigismund of Austria sells Upper-Elsass (Alsace) to Charles the Bold in exchange for aid in a war against the Swiss.
    Uzun Hassan wins in Persia and defeats Abu Sa’id.
    Lorenzo de’ Medici takes power in Florence.
    Moctezuma I, Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan, dies and is succeeded by Axayacatl.
    James III of Scotland acquires the Orkney and Shetland Islands from Denmark.

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