I read that using mineral water from the same location where the whisky is made is the best to mix with your favorite drink. I have also read that water with low sodium content is prefered. I use Spa water and Volvic to mix with whisky. What water do you use and why do you use it?

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  • mikey:

    water from ur sweat gland

  • stargazer6440:

    actually if we wanna borderline paranoid skitzo socio-survival behavior the order up would be distilled water mixed w/ grain alcohol…but we don’t think of stuff like that do we? 😛

  • iancurtis22:

    is wrong to use water on whiskey, as maximum ice, so i don´t use any kind of water because whiskey is a distilled drink

  • FLeX_BoZaCK:

    i personally like my whiskey straight, thas the best way, over ice

  • bionicRod:

    Tap water, because it’s WATER for Christ’s sake. I understand that maybe you can’t use tap water because of where you live, but other than that it doesn’t really matter, does it? It’s WATER. I say again, WATER. Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. If you are this concerned about image it’s no wonder you drink.

  • Sue:

    If you are a serious whisky drinker you NEVER add water to whisky.

    The biggest insult you could offer a Scotsman who offered you whisky would be to ask for water.

    I would only ever add ice to whiskey and then only if it was mediocre, the good stuff I drink straight and savour the taste.

  • fatsausage:

    Branch Water.
    That’s what the Barmaid calls it.

  • brant17shorty:

    branch water.

  • arby973:

    i use wet water in wisky because i want to drink it today not chase all over for special water that is very expensive. by the time you pour 1 oz wiskey 3 oz water the water all tastes the same.

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