What were some beliefs held about witchcraft and magic in 11th century Scotland?

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  • speechy:

    They were catholic then. so most of their beliefs would be significanly influenced by the catholic religion. Witchcraft and magic was believed to be in existance, and it was believed to be from the devil. Anyone considered to be a witch could be prosecuted.

  • Enchanted Gypsy:

    Depends on if you are looking from a Christian point of view or that of the Picts. With the Christians it is the same as it was throughout Europe at that time. I do not believe they were burning witches at that time, but then the were never called witches during that period of time.
    The 11th century would have been primarily the domain of the Pecti-Witan (Picts). They were much into the use of natural things and divination. They could communicate with animals and most of their spell work was done to promote a good yield whether it be from The farm or from the sea. And they used spell work to promote fertility in the land, the animals and themselves. They were (and still are) not so much into worship or rituals. Raymond Buckland has a pretty good book about them it is called “Scottish Witchcraft, The History and Magick of the Picts”. If you are really interested,it may give you all the information you desire.

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