My brother has a small collection of whisky including jack Daniels and johnnie walkers black label. I was wondering if I were to buy him a better bottle or a different bottle what would be a good choice? There are many different whisky brands and I don’t know if there’s any difference in flavor or quality.

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  • sailorbeavis:

    First off, there’s “whisky” and there’s “whiskey.” The two terms are often used interchangeably, although Scotch is always written “whisky” out of convention. I’ll call them “spirits” here, for brevity’s sake.

    Second, there are many, many different ways of making it, and it all depends on the mixture of grains you use in the “mash.” That, and the way the spirit is aged in the barrel (or not, if it’s bottled right out of the still), makes a huge difference in how it tastes.

    If your brother likes Scotch and Tennessee whisky, be aware that those two types of spirit have very distinct flavor profiles. You might go with a Single Malt Scotch like Glenlivet or Dalwhinnie, or a high-quality bourbon like Elijah Craig, Woodford Reserve, or Maker’s Mark.

  • ...:

    How about famous grouse?, they normally come in nice containers at this time of year. Also Its the best whiskey going in my opinion. Merry Christmas:)

  • kevina p:

    Hi Black Grouse Whiskey is a good whiskey.

  • Richard English:

    If he likes good whisky then any straight malt would be appreciated. Don’t agonise over it.

  • Rick:

    Ole Grand Dad……or you can be unique this year….give a bottle of “Mad Dog 20/20

  • whimster:

    Crown Royal.Expensive. Top rated. Excellent choice.Boxed nicely and the bottle is a crown that is tucked into a velvet pouch. great drink on the rocks. Dewars is scotch whiskey but also another great on the rocks drink. with liquor of this caliber you do not want to mix it with anything. it is meant to be consumed straight or on the rocks.

  • Paul:

    Any good scottish single malt will be appreciated (Glenmoranggie, Isle of Jura, Highland Park, Glenlivet etc). If you cant afford these (as they get a bit pricey) then the famous grouse is a blended whiskey ( this means its a number of whiskys blended to create a unique taste, they mix good expensive single malts (in famous grouse there is for example some Highland patk), with cheaper rye whiskys to make it cheaper.

    Try to stay away from bells or teachers as these have quite a lot of the cheap stuff in, the so are to rough to drink straight.

  • Tolstoyevsky:

    I love Scotch; it’s my favorite. The problem is Scotch is like women. It comes in all different styles and flavors, and nobody can agree on the perfect one.

    Everybody knows a good bourbon, tho. They all aim pretty much to the same standard

    The next step up from Old #7 (Jack Black) is Gentleman Jack. The next step up from Gentleman is Single Barrel. I’ve never tried it because once you start paying Single Barrel-money, the Kentucky cousins start getting real attractive.

    If you think your brother is into the Jack name, get him some Single. Or head for the Kentucky whiskey and get a Blanton’s or Van Winkle.

  • Edward:

    hi and Merry Christmas… Although Christmas day has now gone we’re still in the festive season, you can often find better deals on Whisky around this time.

    You mention Jack Daniels which is a bourbon and Johnnie Walkers Black label which is a blended Scotch (meaning it has a mixture of grain and single malt whiskys in it.)

    To truly answer your question we would need to know how your brother drinks his Whisky, i.e. if he drinks it straight or with some water then maybe look at getting him a single malt Whisky like Glenmoranie 10 year old or Glenfiddich 12 year old. Both are entry level single malt whiskys but would be a step up from blended whiskys. As far as blended Whiskys go, JW black label is probably one of the best out there and i would advise that especially if your brother likes his Whisky with coke, ice or with some other mix blended ones are best (it would be an insult to mix single malts with coke or even ice as it closes down the flavor).

    Remember traditionally you move up to single malt Whisky if you want to experience and appreciate different and perhaps better whiskys out there, if he likes to simply knock it back and mix it i would stick with a good blended Whisky…. forget Famous Grouse (it’s not as good as it use to be and the bottles vary quite widely in my personal opinion).

    To finish i will simply say that flavor and quality differ hugely between whiskys, especially between single malts but also with blended ones. Blends are typically cheaper (some for a reason, but others like JW black label are good quality). Considering there is a minefield out there it’s hard to recommend one specific whisky but as far as blended ones go JW Black label would be in my top 3 and Glenmoranie and Glenfiddich would be good starting places for single malts.

    Best of luck, i recommend you check out “ralfystuff” on YouTube, where he gives excellent Whisky reviews (over 300 of them) before you purchase.

    *remember if you mix Whisky then stick with blends, if you want to appreciate Whisky or experience different flavors then try out single malts but they are more expensive

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