We’re having a medieval wedding this summer and are designing our own full-color banners, shaped like a vertically hanging pennant. There is very detailed celtic knot work on the banner, so I’m not sure how I’d necessarily sew that on. Are there companies that do full color cloth printing? Or does anyone have other recommendations on how to make something like this at home?

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  • CelticDragon:

    There are banner companies, but they won’t be inexpensive. Check your local phone directory. AAA Banners in Los Angeles is excellent, if you happen to live in the area!

    If you were to cut a stencil, or series of stencils,you could easily paint them yourself. Just be sure to use good quality fabric paint and patience!

    Another option would be if you have a friend with a sewing machine that embroiders, this would be a pretty quick way of doing these. They would then last longer as well, so you could use them for your fiftieth anniversary party! Paint will, eventually, crack and peel.

    If you were my friend, I’d do them for you in beads! I’ve done it before and it’s stunning, and something you would really want to keep after the ceremony! But that’s far more hours than most people want to put into such things!

    This sounds wonderful! I’m sure you’ll have a lovely ceremony and I wish you many happy years together!

  • Annora:

    draw or print it out on paper, as big as you want on the banner, then trace over it with an iron-on marker (available at most sewing/craft stores). Iron the image onto your banner fabric then use fabric paint to paint in the design. Enlist a few friends/ family members to help if you are doing a lot.

    If the banners/design are small enough, get inkjet paper and print the image out, then iron it onto the banner. Up close it might not look as nice but from a distance it will look ok.

    I know of a couple of screen printers in my area (one who has actually done heraldic banners) so you might try calling a few in your area. Not sure how pricey they will be though.

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