We’re getting married near Edinburgh, and taking a honeymoon tour through Ireland, which begins in Dublin three days after the wedding. Would it be cheaper to rent a car, drive, and take the ferry, or alternatively, to fly? Or maybe take the train part of the way? Any suggestions would be useful.

Obviously, we’re not in a huge hurry, just trying to save money where we can. Thanks!

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  • crazylucy1688:

    When I went from Edinburgh to Dublin, I flew. There are many cheap airlines in Europe so it probably wouldn’t be hard to get a cheap flight. I flew with RyanAir. Of course taking public transportation will save money, too. From inner city Edinburgh, take the bus from Waverly bridge to the airport for 3 pounds one way/per person. Then in Dublin, take a bus to inner city. With a lot of luggage that doesn’t work so well, of course.

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