Does anyone know where the name came from and what made it known til today? If you’re guessing illegitimately then please don’t answer. Don’t tell me the ‘Star of David’ neither.

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  • jcresnick:

    It has biblical origins to King David (sorry, that’s where the star of David came from)…in Hebrew David means “beloved”

  • itsjustme:

    Biblical: name of the greatest of the Israelite kings, whose history is recounted in 1 Samuel and elsewhere. As a boy he killed the giant Philistine, Goliath, with his slingshot; as king of Judah, and later of all Israel, he expanded the power of the Israelites and established their security. He was also noted as a poet, with many of the Psalms being attributed to him. He had many sons and, according to the gospels, Jesus was descended from him. The Hebrew derivation of the name is uncertain; it is said by some to represent a nursery word meaning “darling”. In America this is mainly a Jewish name, but it has no such weighting in Britain, where it is particularly common in Wales and Scotland, having been borne by the patron saint of Wales (see Dewi) and by two medieval kings of Scotland. Cognates: Scottish Gaelic: Dàibhidh. Irish Gaelic: Dáibhídh. Welsh: Dafydd, Dewi. Polish: Dawid. Finnish: Taavi.

    Short form: English: Dave.

    Pet forms: English and Scottish: Davy, Davey, Davie. Welsh: Dai.

  • ~Shae~:


    Hebrew: Dearly loved; The Old Testament has many stories of David’s life, including his well-known defeat of Goliath the giant. He went on to become King of Israel and write the Book of Psalms.

  • fizzygurrl1980:

    Well, from David in the Bible. He did a bunch of stuff, like defeat Goliath and become the King.

  • Zina Rae:

    DAVID: “Beloved.” Hebrew biblical name of the son of Jesse. He was the second king of Israel and father of King Solomon. As a youth he was said to have killed a giant named Goliath with his slingshot (but that is now debatable).

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