I am looking for a good place to stay in Edinburgh. My family and I will be visiting in the end of July. My daughters are 11 and 8. I need some where that isn’t too expensive. I have looked into B&Bs and Guesthouses but, what type of place is better..those or a hotel? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Gavin:

    If your the adventurous type there is an excellent campsite that we stayed in called mortonhall [check it up on the website ] about a 15 min bus ride from the city centre. cant remember exactly what we paid but it was a lot cheaper then most hotels or guest houses. unfortunately Edinburgh is not the cheapest of cities to stay in especially at the height of season however if you shop around you maybe able to find somewhere that allows under 10s to go free . Edinburgh is a fantastic and beautiful city and i am sure you will love it.

  • Manxbiker:

    Here is a very good place to stay I have stayed here at least three times myself and would highly recommend it it is only a small B&B but they are very friendly and helpful as an example once when I was staying there and had to leave early before breakfast they gave me a tray the previous night to take to my room with cereal milk sugar orange juice etc at no extra charge and without me having to ask they are in Leith which is just outside the city Centre but id you walk to the city Centre it will take or you can get a bus from almost outside which takes about 5 to 10 minutes to the city centre


    you can also look up reviews that people have given it here


  • Karla:

    Depending on your budget, its best to stay at many of Edinburghs B&B – Guest houses etc. Most are high quality and a great altenative to paying £150 + at a city hotel. Just search for Edinbugh on yakoozo.com.

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