I will be in London and would really like to visit stonehenge. I think it is somwhere on the outskirts of the city. Is it worth the trip? Also, that is the cheapest was to get there? train? bus? and how much might the trip cost? Thank you!

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  • lesroys:

    It’s in Wiltshire, roughly a two hour drive west. NOT “just on the outskirts!”.

    Cheapest way to go:

    “Buses depart from Heathrow Airport and from Victoria Coach Station in the centre of London. The journey takes about 2 hours and there are 3 departures daily.

    Get off at Amesbury.

    From there you can either walk (about 2 miles), catch a local bus, or get a taxi.

    You can buy tickets on the coach, at the coach station, or from ticket agents for National Express. You can expect it to cost about £12 return. It is the cheapest way to travel to Stonehenge.

    If you are coming from Gatwick Airport you will need to first get to Heathrow Airport or to Victoria coach station (you can do this by bus) and from there change buses to Amesbury.”

    If you want to take the train you will not save any time (you would need to get to Waterloo Station) and you would definitely not save money as you would have to pay £25 for the train ticket plus the cost of a cab from Salisbury (9 miles from the site).

  • Chrisso De La Zouch:

    Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, near a town called Salisbury. It’s about 80 miles west-south-west of London.

    If you want to go by public transport from London, your best bet is to get a train from London Waterloo to Salisbury, and then get a bus from Salisbury to Stonehenge. Train will probably cost you around 25 quid. Not sure how much the bus would be from Salisbury, but you should be able to Google for details.

  • apleyden:

    If you can rent a car, you can swing out and catch Stonehenge, up to nearby Bath (which is very pretty) and then even over to Oxford for dinner. Make a good day trip out of it. If you are just making a pilgramage to Stonehenge, you might be a bit disappointed doing all that effort and seeing just one thing.

    Personally, it wasn’t worth the trip for me, but going to the other things made the day a bit more enjoyable. I shared the car price with a few friends and it wasn’t that expensive.

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