Anyone who has traveled in near home with the kids knows how hard it can be to research the area, plan interesting activities for the family, and at the same time, relax and enjoy your vacation, too. But when you plan your family vacation to Ireland with a travel professional, it can be worry-free.

Traveling with a family requires a different type of vacation. I have thought a lot about family travel and specialize in creating departures that account for up to three generations of needs. Ireland comes to mind as stress-free family vacation destinations.

There’s no doubt about it – the Irish love children, and your will find lots of child-friendly hotels and activities available in Ireland. The Irish are very family-oriented. Did you know? You can generally bring a child into a pub at any age. Here is the actual law: If you are under 14 (18 in Northern Ireland) you cannot normally go into a pub or other licensed premises where alcohol is sold and consumed during opening hours unless you are the landlord’s child or live on the premises. However, a publican can apply for a children’s certificate that will allow children under 14 to be taken into a pub by an adult. Children would normally have to leave by 9pm. Most pubs have these licenses, and are gathering spots for the local Irish community, not alcohol-fueled. Pubs are great places for a quick meal or for tea or coffee or sodas.

If your ancestry is Irish , nothing can be more rewarding than sharing your cultural heritage with your children or grandchildren. Planning a special multi-generation adventure will build on your relationship with your sons and daughters, and their children, with activities that will interest the young and the young at heart.

Find out if your family is among the many millions of Irish-Americans whose ancestors emigrated directly from Ireland or via Liverpool to North America during the Great Famine (1845-50)? Did they sail on the trusted Jeanie Johnston, on one of the infamous coffin ships or on one of the several hundred other cargo/passenger vessels that sailed from Ireland before, during or immediately after the potato famine? Your genealogy can be researched for you before you go, if you are sketchy on the facts. Details: When you walk into an Irish pub, you will find the place where your grandfather or great grandfather sat around and listened to

the local musicians. You are walking through the door of history. You will find

a friendly and family atmosphere that you can’t create anywhere else. In

Ireland, find the pub where the your family name is proudly painted

on the outside. But, even if you hail from other parts of the world, your family will enjoy their time in Ireland.

But what will you eat? Fortunately, the days when Irish vegetables are cooked for an entire

week are long gone. Most people are very impressed at the quality of new Irish

cooking. About the only thing that is not readily available is peanut butter. Bring your own.

Lynott Tours arranges everything for your family travel packages, so there is nothing for you to do but enjoy yourself. Here are just some suggestions for your family travel packages in Ireland:

Irish Melody Escorted Tour

It is difficult to find a coach tour that will take children, but we take children as young as 5 on this tour, because we have activities for them. Fun adventures include boat trips, bicycling, horseback riding and traditional music. Your children will meet other children on this tour. Sit back, relax, and leave the driving to our driver/guides. Our Irish Melody is a family tour, so we are well accustomed to handling kids and short attention spans. The most you are on the coach is 3 hours, but

there is usually a coffee stop or sightseeing stop en route. If you have just six or more persons, Lynott Tours can customize a trip for you, in a minicoach just for your family.

Self Drive Ireland

Select from B&B’s, working farms with animals to entertain the young folks, even a castle stay. Is a hotel with a pool a “must have”? Lynott Tours knows them all. Go wherever you please with a open prepaid voucher program, or we will pre-plan your itinerary for you. Know that the properties where you’ll stay have been inspected and are up to your standards, and ours. The choices are endless.

Rent a cottage or a castle in Ireland. When you’d like to be on your own, in a village of 8-10 identical cottages with other vacationers from around the world. Walk to the local store, cook your own meals for that finicky eater, and have your own home away from home for a week or more. Be the lord of the manor, or part of the village life atmosphere. A car is at your disposal, or Lynott Tours can arrange a driver

Grandparent Travel to Ireland. Do you relish the idea of having your children and their children all together at one time? A family trip to Ireland is the answer, with something to delight every member of the family, from school-age children to grandparents. Plan your own, special itinerary with the help of Lynott Tours, or choose from one of our well planned, well tested plans. We can work with any budget, planning memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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