We’ve just got married and would really like to move up to Scotland – we’ve travelled various places and can’t decide-however it would be good to have a local point of view as you get a different feel as a visitor! We like lochs, mountains, outdoors but i also love the city – especially Edinburgh (but i’ve not really visited another Scottish city yet-just toured the country). Any advise would be welcome. Many thanks

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  • Oshinari:

    I personally would recommend Glasgow because it has such a diverse culture. Best shopping in the UK outside of London, amazing metro night life, yet is homed to 70 parks, on the coast and isn’t fair from mountains.

    That’s my simplest answer 🙂 Explore.

  • Ross HMFC:

    Edinburgh, the Capital.

  • RoBo:

    top answer is spot on. and Glasgow is only 30 mins away from loch ness.

    glasgow is miles better than the “capital” edinburgh

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