We are a young couple in our mid 20’s looking to take a day tour from Edinburgh to Loch Ness. I have looked into the Highland Experience Tours, Haggis Adventures, and Timberbush Tours and Rabbies, which all have discounts if you have a Edinburgh Pass. Has anyone ever used any of the companies before and if so what was your impression?

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  • Jim:

    No but send me pictures of that place.

  • scotland_rockers:

    edinbrugh is over 100 miles form loch ness so u’ll want to stay over night if u want to enjoy it more

  • Kerri C:

    I JUST booked one of these!
    I booked a tour that is £10 and its 8am -8pm and takes you all around northern scotland and to lochness!
    I hope that link works!

  • TravelCat:

    I booked a Haggis tour and it was very of fun. It was mostly people in their 20’s on the tour. The tour was good and there were lots of opportunities to get great photos of Loch Ness and other sites. The tour guides are very knowledgeable, so you will learn a lot about Loch Ness and the history of the area.

  • Love Heart ♥:

    Try Haggis

    Let Haggis show you Scotland’s unique and beautiful landscape, enriched with tales of battles, intrigue and romance, from our long and dramatic history. Their entertaining and passionate local guides will share their knowledge with you to create a full and memorable experience.

    Groups of 4 or more booking on the same tour at the same time save 10%

    Loch Ness Hunter

    A monster day out to Loch Ness and the chance to take a boat trip and hunt for Nessie. Enjoy stunning Highland scenery with a local guide. Highlights include Glencoe, Ben Nevis, and the Great Glen & Loch Ness

  • Weasel McWeasel:

    Perhaps people who have never been there, do not understand how FAR Loch Ness is from Edinburgh.
    Any day trip, that takes “12 hours” —will probably be 10 hours of bus ride……..and only 2 hours to run thru the Lock Ness Museum and call it a day.

    Or at best, they will stop to let you have lunch, allow you to dump your tourist dollars on Nessie trinkets, and then drive you around the lake, and back home.


    If you really want to stop and ENJOY the place……I would HIGHLY sugguest at least an overnight stay , preferably in Inverness…..a nice, quaint town, at the tip of Loch Ness.

    (Fear not, they have a Pizza Hut and everything..)

    Then you’ll have time for a nice relaxing boat tour……a good look around the castle ruins, and maybe even catch a bagpiper or two, to really make the experience memorable.

    10 hours of non stop bus ride……….not quite as memorable.

    (of course, all depends on what you lovebirds on doing on the back of the bus…….but I digress. …..)

    The museum was cute…..if not a little “light” on actual Nessie stuff…………(understandably so, of course…..)

    and depending which boat operator you get…….they range from ones who try to make the whole thing fun……..to the boat operators who just take your money and essentually call you a FOOL if you think you’re going to see Nessie.

    I found that most in the area actually UNDERPLAY the whole thing……..it’s not quite the tourist trap I imagined it WOULD be. Just enough to be fun, for a laugh. ! Enjoy your trip!

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