… the best selling Irish Whiskey in the World, apparently

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  • ralfystuff:

    yes, . . . the bizzims !

  • Ray Chandler:

    Ralfy, I understand Powers is the best selling whiskey in Ireland. It’s hard to find in the US. Are the Irish keeping the best stuff for themselves?

  • deepwoodskentuckian:

    indeed I did. I just know alot in my local who can not function without alcohol

  • midlantic1:

    I wouldn’t say drinking to get pissed is something that happens more in America. If you’ve never been to Europe of Ireland I’ll tell you, many there drink to get pissed much more so than here in America. In America if you do that you’ll end up in jail for a time and will cost you tons in fines. Also there is a drink responsibly culture thats rooted more in America than overseas. Did you know in many parts of Europe there’s no minimum age to buy alcohol, a 12 year old can buy a bottle in Italy

  • midlantic1:

    Makers Mark is currently my favorite whisky to drink neat. They don’t use any rye in their mash, they use winter wheat instead. This give the whisky a much smoother finish. Lots of wood and honey notes, delicious bourbon. Plus they have a unique aging process where they rotate the barrels for consistent aging. They age their whisky no less than 5.5 years and as long as 7.5 years. A great choice you wont go wrong with.

  • midlantic1:

    Your right, so its considered a blended whiskey, not a single malt

  • midlantic1:

    The only reason I keep a bottle of Jameson in my bar is for Irish coffee’s. Just about everyone enjoys an Irish coffee after dinner. The one whisky I keep just to drink neat of with a little ice is Makers Mark, my favoriet for taste and balance. For mixers I stick with Jim Beam white label and for special ocasions Beam Black and Knob Creek, though Knob Creek is more for the advanced palet

  • Donny Hubbard:

    I love the Jameson with a mix. I don’t do that with my better whiskey’s but this seem to lend itself to mix better.

  • Bob Papadopoulos:

    Ah man, I dodged the Jameson at the package store the other day and went with cognac for the holidays, but who am I kidding? I’ve gotta go back and get more Jameson.

  • Megawatt:

    As far as I know, Jameson whiskies are blends, not pure pot still whiskies.  PPS is a major component but they are blends nevertheless.

  • CrooksTrevor:

    I can smell it from here. straight Jameson in a standard shot glass got me through college lol. This is the second of your videos I’ve seen (the first being your review of Glenlivet 12 year old). Jameson is a beloved whiskey in my part of the United States (Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States) and for the most part it is NOT taken with coca cola or lemonade. Cheers to you from the United States Ralfy, and not all Americans are as pussy when it comes to malt. Respect man, respect.

  • Darkjeremy1992:

    you are the man!! I started this video and I thought i’d turn it off after like 30 seconds, but I just couldn’t stop watching.

  • multitudinal:

    i bought a bottle of the gold reserve, and indeed it was nice, but only by about halfway down the bottle. maybe its my imagination but the stuff at the top wasnt very appealing at all.

  • ralfystuff:

    no, an undertaker.

  • tom amos:

    You should have your own TV show. This is brilliant stuff! are you a professional journalist by trade? Thanks for the reviews. Most informative.

  • CuseStuckinWA:

    If you can get it, try the Jameson Black Barrel

  • Tweezie1111:

    i bought this today to put into my irish coffe drinks. It is great for that i think. I use this for cocktails. I never want to add something expensive and extraordinary into a cocktail. A standard whiskey is fine for that in my opinion

  • 0527pblack:

    Just checked Jameson’s web site. They do mention grain whisky as a component to this along with malted and unmalted barley.

  • hardindr:

    86 was for Red Label from the 1960s, maybe you need to calm down?

  • MrChannel5news:

    you gave red label 86/100 and you gave jamesons whisky 81/100 ………you dont know **** about alcohol.


    I would, very much, like to hear your opinion of Maker’s Mark.

  • Scott Auld:

    Love the Dalek on the shelf.

  • multitudinal:

    thanks for the advice, much appreciated!

  • ralfystuff:

    yes, also the 12yo is decent.

  • multitudinal:

    I’m a Jameson fan and I was thinking of treating myself to a bottle of jameson gold reserve. is it worth the extra money?

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