a timely return to one of the most recognisable of Scotch malts which shows signs of quality improvement . . . and we hope that Donald will make some t…

25 Responses to “whisky review 324 – Glenfiddich 12yo Scotch re-reviewed”

  • tccapone:

    I love that whisky. I don’t care if it is mass produced and all that, I
    absolutely love this one.

  • Snake Plissken:

    Solidarity with you on that a-hole Trump!

  • ShepsAlmighty:

    Interesting that you say to go from Glenfiddich to HP, I did it in reverse
    and actually found Glenfiddich to be the superior whiskey.
    Just starting out of course, so could be as much personal preference and
    marketing that formed that opinion as anything else.

  • George Forall:

    Love this whiskey !

  • 29render:

    For the $ I really enjoy this brand

  • Brian Skala:

    Thank you for doing a re-review on this. This scotch was my first single
    malt. I read where this is a good one to start. This is a perfect medium
    body scotch. To me it has a bit of everything in it without being
    overpowering but still has good peat smoke right when you taste it. It’s
    like buying beer. While some strong ales are nice to have it’s also nice to
    find something that’s very tasty but easier to drink such as a tasty
    refreshing light lager so I can see why it’s so popular. I would get this
    one again. 

  • Daniel D:

    A gottle? Pouring with the cork on? Go home Ralfy, you’re drunk.

  • Marcus William:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I always thought I would
    never be able to enjoy whisky. I was taught bad habits which made me gag at
    the slightest smell of whisky. However I have learnt a lot from you, from
    the proper way of enjoying whisky to the method of discovering the
    abundance of aromas within it. I am enjoying some Glenfiddich right now,
    thanks again!

  • noel monkey:

    The third bottle of scotch i bought when starting out on my malt adventure
    2 years ago bland stuff on my palate to me 

  • PeatSmokey:

    hello Ralfy.
    I sometimes feel G12 gets a bad rap (maybe the great value??)
    IMHO, G12 has a unique quality & overall character that I have yet to find
    in many other Speysiders.

    With the initial citrus blast, an indescribable tang,w/clover
    honey,evergreens, kiwis,fresh green fruits & salty overtones the oak has so
    graciously gifted to the spirit, I dare say any angel would be proud to
    share this champie w/its mates!

    Peace Lord Mitchell

  • William Tracy:

    Donald Trump can boycott me if he wants his power and money has warped his

  • Jonathon Wooff:

    ralfy-The Scots made America!

  • amayagab:

    I love this scotch so much, my favorite in dalwhinnie but Glenfiddich is
    the one I buy the most. I also really dig your style and accent.

  • TheMeslava:

    Just bought a 50ML bottle of this, just to try as my first REAL scotch
    whisky experience. Being a beer guy, I can’t wait, hope it turns out good.
    Looking forward to being able to get a bottle of HP12yr but just can’t put
    the money out for it at the moment. I have a bottle of grant’s (reserve)
    ready to drink, but I haven’t got around to having a glass. Cheers
    maltmates, let’s see how it goes.

  • eden:

    I like this scotch and I love you scots. Keep sticking it to man.

  • CrazyKischka:

    Hey ralfy, isnt it pronounced “Glenfiddick”?

  • Lucas Palma:

    Glenfiddich is one of my favorite, boycotting or any other personal
    activities will not stop me buying and enjoying Glenfiddich.

  • Joshua Pugh:

    engine oil?

  • DoubleYou124:

    Sir you can’t give Glenfiddich 12 years 86 points and Oban 14 years only 84
    points! Yes you can but you shouldn’t!

  • ky ch:

    i like alot glenfiddich ralfy.i’ll keep buying it and enjoy it.

  • Ra7mooOoony:

    Ralfy, What do you think about the 18YO and what mark would you give it. I
    noticed that 12YO versions of any distillery are always recommended for
    beginners why not the older ones?

  • pjstonehill444:

    Hello Ralfy! Could you write me a list of 5 Scotch whiskey up to 35£? I
    meant the 5 bottles what do you think are the best 😉 ? .. Thank you very
    much 😉

  • Dionysus Leonidas:

    As an American I heartily apologize that the festering syphilitic ****
    known as the Trump has made his way to your beautiful shores and attempted
    to make trouble for the makers of the gods’ nectar. I’m sure, however, that
    just as no one takes this combover-sporting megalomaniac seriously in the
    States, no one in Scotland or anywhere else will be boycotting Glenfiddich
    on his account.

  • Glen Foley:

    Thanks again Ralfy. After posting recently on one of your vlogs, I thought
    of another reason to revisit a whisky…simply because our own taste
    changes over time!

  • JoeCapricorn:

    A couple months ago I tried Glenfiddich 12yo at a local Applebees. Now,
    when I got it, it tasted like complete rubbish, and to this day I think
    someone grabbed the wrong bottle. It said “Windsor” on the receipt, and
    just this past Tuesday I went and tried it again – but this time I got it
    at the bar where I know what bottle the stuff came from! Sure enough, it
    tasted completely different, and guess what was next to the Glenfiddich?
    Windsor Canadian whiskey.

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