. . . a trip into a scotch sub-culture of dead/demolished/mothballed Distilleries, and there are plenty of them out there.

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  • hardindr:

    Misako’s book is unavailable everywhere. Only copies are going for over $600 USD on Amazon’s resellers. Disappointing to say the least.

  • 999999999999999410:

    Great stuff as always. I also thought it was fascinating to hear about the Japanese lady Misako Udo who was so fascinated with whisky that she moved to Scotland!

  • Ray Scott:

    How about a review on some of the old bottlings of Gen Mhor(30 to 40 year old),,Probably not to many out there who have these kind of bottles anymore that r unopened.Hhhhmmmm,,do i see 3 in my collection.Just sayin fellow whisky mates.Cheers to the aqua vitea.

  • fillingyourhole:

    “The Dead, Half-Dead, and Playing Dead” sounds like Western revivalist film. Haha.

  • Ray Scott:

    Its about time us die-hard whisky collectors got a mention.If I recall,,You Ralf have quite a collection yourself.Whether they r for future enjoyment,price comparision or investment,we the collectors supply those in the future with bottles that have since been drank by whisky lovers who say “buy it to drink it “.Cheers malt mates.

  • patrioticwelshman:

    You’re a good man Ralfy

  • ImaginaryLatSyndrome:

    I like the emphasis on *drinking* whisky rather than *collecting* it. Things are made to be used and enjoyed, not stared at!

  • Peter Lovegrove:

    Honk?? Stupid auto correct!  That was supposed to be ‘think’

  • Peter Lovegrove:

    Brora. That’s the distillery playing dead. It’s Clynelish. Hey! I honk I’m getting better at this anorak thing! LOL!

  • TheStig000:

    Ralfy, do you have a “go to” whisky? Like if you were on vacation and went to the bar – what would you choose?

  • ralfystuff:

    buy-out’s and consolidation.

  • TheStig000:

    Kind of sad that they had to close, but it could mean that they weren’t fit to survive.

  • TheBritishLegions:

    Ralfy great stuff yet again but why did so many distillieries shut in the early 80’s?

  • ralfystuff:

    verified !

  • John Bass:

    First! Excellent review!

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