a very unusual scotch in that it joins Auchentoshan and Hazelburn in being triple distilled which changes the standard Benriach signature to a more fru…

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  • ralfystuff:

    two whiskies taste together give articulate perspective and comparison !

  • Yves Borgers:

    I have bought the Ben Riach Curiositas because i like the peated side of the fo.. Scotch.Then i did an experiment in first drinking the Laphroaig 10 yo an then the Curiositas. They have, i have read, the same phenol levels. Dooing this i could differentiate the Speyside carracter of the Ben Riach. Is this a correct asumption that drinking two different whiskys allow you to taste more or is this a blended taste on the tongue. Love the Curiositas , thanks Ralfy for considdering the question

  • SibeliusPipe:

    Hi Ralfy, I’m a dedicated follower of your reviews and have a steadily growing collection of bottles (running out of space). I’ve never tried a Benriach but noted you said you won’t be reviewing the 16 year old. I know you don’t review whiskies that don’t pass your minimum standard, but it would be great if you did do a series on those, even if you kept them anonymous – e.g. below standard whiskies of different styles.

  • ralfystuff:

    yes I do !

  • patrioticwelshman:

    Hey Ralfy, do you plan to review Tullamore dew? thanks

  • Boka M:

    Hey Ralfy,
    Can you please review Lauder’s?

  • ralfystuff:

    if the whisky tastes OK and cork smells OK, your fine.

  • DerHOBBA:

    Ralfy, I’m not quite sure if I’m having a problem here: I just bought a bottle of whisky and when I looked at the cork, it’s got some cracks on it and around these cracks, the colour is turning into grey. It’s not smelling bad though, at least it’s nothing I can sense with my nose. What would you think this is? I’m not finding any results on the internet, so I thought, you could help…

  • notme123123:

    Whisky Reviews 129 and 148. A great scotch at a very reasonable price.

  • rullemand123:

    Ralfy! I have read just over 12 whisky books this year, all from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible to Vandringar i Whiskyland. Would you by any chance give a review of some of the most popular whisky books anytime soon, What’s hot and what’s not, so to speak… Greetings!

  • Sergio Kulish:

    Hi Ralphy!
    Could not find anything about the whysky’s body, like full and medium body. Is it a kind of a measure of spirit contained in whisky, say 40% equals medium, 46% equals full bodied whisky?

  • Bird Irish:

    Ralfy, when is an AnCnoc review coming around? I’ve been eying the 12 year, and it might compete priority with a Dalmore 12 purchase.

  • robsm06:

    Hi Ralfy; great review!! curious: what are your thoughts about the Scotch Malt Whisky Society?


  • ralfystuff:

    once tried a cask-sample of Malt Mill,  … very rare, but very woody and less peaty than expected. Not Great.

  • H Merc:

    Malt Mention Ralfy dude! Malty Mariners, for us sailors who like a dram in the evening! Hope it hasnt been mentioned.

  • rullemand123:

    About peated whiskies, have you, or will you at any time try the Old Ballantruan from Tomintoul, ralfy? Sincy you’ve never done any Tomintouls at all…? Great vid Ralfy!

  • gdw22:

    Hi Ralfy just wondering what the most expensive or rarest whisky you’ve ever tasted?, and did it live up to your expectations?

  • ralfystuff:

    similar, but different.

  • ralfystuff:

    not going to happen !

  • ralfystuff:

    … and best to avoid direct sunlight, it accelerates oxidisation.

  • ralfystuff:

    no harm so long as temperature is cool and constant.

  • ralfystuff:

    that was the whisky farting, not me !

  • ralfystuff:

    helps to concentrate the smell when you remove the lid, and to help retain smell which would otherwise disperse into the air.

  • ralfystuff:

    trickle distillation is essentially a slow-still technique which can be applied to double/triple/quadruple distillation.

  • ralfystuff:

    … malts – Tobermory 12yo & Scapa 14yo . . . Blended scotch – Cutty Sark Storm
    Due to the fashion for sweetness, proper dry malts are hard to find.

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