a broad grey area of whisky production which includes additional-maturation, double-maturation, secondary-maturation, ‘finishing, ‘ACE’ing’ and any oth…

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  • Jim Brucker:

    Excellent vlog! I noticed comments about Doublewood 17. I wrote a short article last fall comparing the 12 and the 17. Yes, the 17 is pricey, part this new push for “luxury” pricing, I think. But it does taste *different* than the 12, not just older. However, given the in-and-out nature of the sherry that I get from the 17, and in light of Ralfy’s statements, I wonder if it would have been well enough to just offer a 17-yo that wasn’t double-matured at all. Couldn’t charge as much, then.

  • BigWhisky27:


  • historyandwhiskyguy:

    I’ve tasted a rum-finished Ardbeg. It was quite nice indeed. A 16 yo Old Malt Cask if I remember correctly.

  • BigWhisky27:

    Ever come across a big peaty rum aged whisky? I’m thinking Laphroaig and Mt Gay… Would that work?

  • ralfystuff:

    Chestnut is a very good option and used by some Italian grappa producers

    I will look out for this one !

  • Ludger Paas:

    Here in Germany there is a small Whisky Producer Ziegler, he makes a whisky called Aureum, wich is finished in chestnut casks. Sadly the wisky is only aged for three years but it seems to work (haven’t tasted it yet). But I know that in Scotland Oak Casks hve to be used. Greets fro a german “Maltimaniac”

  • LabelMaker12:

    Thanks for saying my malt mention! I’m a big fan of your reviews!

  • Steven Calwas:

    Just to follow up on this: To a dram of standard Connemara peated Irish whiskey, add a small amount (about 1/10th) of rye. The rye spice mixes well with the mild peat. It also lengthens the rather short finish of the Connemara. Delicious!

  • themaltbar:

    Hello Ralfy reading MANY of the comments on this site are an “education in itself”
    You must feel like a richer person with all of these exchanges of ideas!
    you can be sure WE do!
    Thanx maltmate.

  • rogermorsee:

    hey! thanks to your comment i found the double wood 17! i didn’t even know it existed. How is it, if put in an ensemble (composed of the balvenies i’ve tried or own) of Golden Cask, Signature 12, Cuban 14, Portwood 21 ?

  • knarfzxc:

    My pleasure, always happy to assist regarding one’s Whisky quest.

  • RadioLaboratory:

    ‘ey mate. I seem2 remembr Ralfy perusing the Bladnoch distilry n 1of th early on-location Vids wher his camra pases sum AmOak casks filled/labeled w/Makers Mark Bourbon…as I recall, I thnk Jim Beam was ther2. hope that helps mate. Ralfys a busy guy!
    ,cheers Ralfy
    cheers FM

  • orignallymine:

    Thank you for all the great information. Learning more all the time.

  • DM456987:

    I have read many books and heard many opinions on nosing, tasting, maturation process and opinions on the industry , You give a refreshing, interesting and always honest opinion on the whisky insudtry and it is greatly appreciated.

    Hope to see more videos similar to this one in the near future.

    Cheers !

  • DM456987:

    Ralfy, love the informative vlogs about whisky. Would love to see you step outside the regular format of a vlog reviewing a single shisky whiskey each time more often.

    Unfortunately I will not be not be able to get to sample all the whiskys you review in the majority of your vlogs so many of your vlogs, to my dismay, go underappreciated by myself… but I am able to make use of and learn something from every informative vlog such as this one that you upload. cont …

  • ralfystuff:

    . . . politics !

  • hmur1998:

    Hi Ralfy,
    Even if inner staves are banned, they are still legal… Why don’t they use inner staves and call the product by some other name rather than Whisky?

  • Jamison Moeckel:

    Why is it that the only big cask makers around the world are from The USA and France? Perhaps Spain as well but what is the deal with Oak in the UK Ralfy no UK casks?

  • mu99ins .:

    I only speak about America, as I’ve traveled little outside the US, but Ralfy has a good point about Americans and sugar.  There is a big thrust by corporations to get sugar into the food because sugar is not only addictive, but the use of it increases the craving for more.. HIgh sugar drinks are ubiquitous. Worse still is high fructose corn syrup. It turns to fat because of the large size of the molecule. I used to be a Coco Cola addict. Now it’s water, green tea and coffee black.

  • FMichael1970:

    Ralfy – a few questions for you…From your sources, or personal knowledge – is there any particular Kentucky bourbon, or Tennessee whiskey distillery that has a high reputation, or demand for their barrels?

    We hear so much about American whiskey barrels being used to age Scotch whisky; is there any distillery in Scotland aging their spirit in a Canadian whiskey barrel?

  • ksolo012:

    It’s ****…that said it all.

  • Michael Thompson:

    Excellent commentary Ralfy…thanks for your Malt discipleship! 

  • jlim2397:

    I reckon it will bust shortly after the quality of whisky goes totally through the floor thanks to excessie mass production. Maybe whisky will be so bland and horrid that no one will touch it for a while.

  • EdinburghComputers:

    Whisky or Distillery ?

  • vigil12348:

    I have to say that this is one of the best and most informative reviews. I always thought about this finishing and dig it up, but your reviews answers more of my questions before I had figured out how exactly to ask them. Thanks, Ralfy.

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