advertised as a “gentle” malt, some character on show, at a reasonable price but could be more substantial !

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  • jacobreinvented:

    They will add a bit of water to the barrels and then agitate them to rinse
    them. This whisky-water will then be added to the whisky increasing the
    volume before it is completely diluted to bottling strength. This increases
    the number of bottles from any given batch.

  • PeatSmokey:

    okay, out on a limb…In fact Ralfy mate, BR is almost near a B.Laddie 10-
    “lite”… and thinkin well-worth at least a run thru the park for the
    malt’nd explorer in all of us.. there are taste combinations that are not
    so available elsewhere & like u say it all adds to the ‘overall archive’.

  • Reb Mordechai:

    Ralfy, I have visited The Whisky Castle shop in the village of Tomintoul a
    number of times. The owner, Mike Drury, sold me a Tomintoul 16 yo around
    7/8 years ago. It was very different to what you describe. Flowery, sweet
    vanilla barley grain and tropical fruit, not citrus. Around 3 years ago I
    visited again and bought the 14 yo, non chilled filtered. The same style
    but more intense. More tropical fruit, strong vanilla cask influence and
    nutty barley, slightly oily and wonderful finish.

  • manchesterm12:

    Great Review

  • David Ireland:

    Here’s a heads up for Malt Mates in the UK. In a recent re-review of
    Aberlour A’Bunadh Ralfy said he paid £41 for his bottle at Waitrose. At
    that very same chain it is now on sale at £36. My order arrived yesterday
    and I was expecting to receive batch 44 or 45, I was pleasantly suprised to
    have been sent batch 42. Be aware, mates, Waitrose special offers do not
    last long!

  • david070173:

    Ralfy I’m confused,is’nt the craft version always the best choice? and if
    so,why not the 14yo?

  • Mawerick77:

    Audio quality is lacking a bit, compared to previous vids. Are you having
    microphone issues?

  • Bill Hartsfield:

    Personally, I am not that impressed with Tomintoul 16, a bit boring, but my
    local shop sells it for $40 USA, and it’s relatively easy drinking, not one
    that I plan on buying again, but I see why people buy it.

  • Billybhoybrae:

    Hey politicgreek, it’s hard to find a bad Bunnae these days. Used to be
    very underrated and considered one for the girls, due to underlying
    sweetness and roundedness, but a real stonker of a malt that develops well
    if you give it time. Defo buy it for sure!

  • PiggDogg Person:

    Later, you might consider (review or “not” review): -Inverhouse, – John
    Barr, -Lauder’s, -Old Smuggler, -Passport, -Robert Burns, -Scoresby,
    -Scottish Leader, -Whyte & Mackay, -100 Pipers, -Duggan’s Dew, -Bank Note,
    -Label 5, -Cluny, -Legacy, Thanks, a bunch.

  • jkaygo:

    Hi Ralfy, do you plan on reviewing PC7?

  • StrappingOldLad:

    I’m surprised you didn’t review the 14yo. It’s neither coloured nor chill
    filtered and it is bottled at 46%. A very good dram imo. Keep up the good

  • Dima Semensky:

    I like it bought bottles and would by more if they had it in stock around

  • PiggDogg Person:

    Nadurra for $42 ?! Great price. Nowadays, it goes for $60 to $70. I’d go
    get some. Alas, too bad, no Costco is in New Orleans.

  • borismorrison:

    by the way Jum Murray gave this whisky 94.5

  • kalm:

    Thank you for your information, Well done!

  • Judas Lukas:

    So glad you finally reviewed this distillery! Been one of my favorites for
    a long time, one I initially cut my teeth on! Keep up the great work Ralfy

  • Malt454:

    “Smooth” might also be a carryover from terms used to compliment blends,
    which are generally engineered to be as unobjectionable as possible. Too
    bad about the 16, but the Peaty Tang IS worth trying for a very clean,
    non-Islay, peat experience. Could you do a primer on some of the trickier
    distillery pronounciations? There are good resources on the web for this,
    but some people might find it useful.

  • Dylan Mansfield:

    Just wanted to thank you for the reviews and education.

  • Alan Wright:

    Three minutes in and you seem to be somewhat underwhelmed by this one Ralfy

  • Al MightyA:

    Another whisky i wont be able to drink becouse i cannot find it in any
    store in Brazil.

  • PiggDogg Person:

    Considering high costs of whiskies, especially single malt Scotches & above
    base-grade Scotch blends, could you do a series of reviews of low cost,
    base-grade blended Scotch whiskies ($15 – $20) & low cost single malt
    Scotch whiskies ($15 – $25), & maybe even low cost brandies (below $20)?
    Reviewing 2, 3, or more in one vlog is OK. Pls, tell us which ones you
    won’t review. Pls, consider as many base-grade Sc Bls that you can. I’ll
    list brands in a reply or additional post. Thanks.

  • Andrew Green:

    Asdas Islay is probably better than Sainsburys Islay though. And do you
    ever prefer younger (12s) to 18-20+ whiskies? I think the younger ones
    sometimes have a greater range of flavours.

  • Ray Scott:

    Hey Ralf.. Hows things,hope all is well with u.A little off topic but I was
    finally able to get my hands on the Lagavulin 12yr,56.1%abv.It is
    absolutely at the top of my list as the go to dram,so much so I bought a
    entire case because here in Canada we do not see this bottling very
    often.Cheers and keep the reviews coming.

  • PiggDogg Person:

    Pls, consider (review or “not” review): -Ushers Green Stripe, -White Horse,
    -Ballantines Finest, -Clan MacGregor, -Hogshead Bl Malt, -Cutty Sark,
    -Dewars White, -Famous Grouse, -Hankey Banister, -Highland Mist, -J&B Rare,
    -McClellands & MacGavins SM.

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