Introduction to America’s liquor called ‘bourbon’

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  • redriverhautbois:

    That’s not a bourbon, it’s technically a cordial.

  • Geardos:

    I like the 6 year jim beam (jim beam black), quite a lot more complexity for not much more money where I live.

  • ralfystuff:

    no plans, I don’t rate the quality highly.


    When will you review Monkey Shoulder. I would like to know your take on it. 🙂

  • Sykologiss:

    Great review as always Ralfy. Before I watched your review, I actually had 81/100 as well.

  • Hillbillys pipe:

    Awesome review I really enjoy your videos.

  • denisns98:

    Hello Ralfy, congratulations once again for your reviews. I’ve never tried Bourbon, in your opinion what’s a good start for it? Jim Beam, Four roses? I’m looking for something basic, not too expensive, as an example like VAT69 for whisky.
    All the best!

  • mace1337:

    It’s NOT Bourbon, it’s a liqueur!

  • PeatSmokey:

    hi Ralfy.
    I think (especially) in today’s current market introducing the best in the series first (as you did in the EC12 series) is a wee more helpful in identifying benchmarks re.non-scotch series. The std.JBeams and JDaniels’s are notorious “guzzlers”( not so good) to informed USA consumer. They’re in the very low 80’s for a reason mate, cheap & easy &catering to the “get plastered crowd”

  • thebluick:

    darn, I’d love to see you review Woodford Reserve Bourbon as it is by far my favorite bourbon. Maybe its not available in the UK.

  • TheSpidey1969:

    The Jim Beam Black is much better.

  • Dotsirammi:

    Great review! I like JB..and Four roses..others are too sweet for me

  • Ilan David:

    So when are you going to review that Pappy Van Winkle I see behind you ?

  • SpenceDaFence:

    I believe Jim Beam white label is 4 years aged

  • Scott MacKenzie:

    Southern comfort isn’t a Bourbon. It’s made from it, but it’s a liqueur, and as Ralfy already said, it’s overly sweetened.

  • PeatSmokey:

    Jim Beams bites…figuratively and literally. at least for the northern East coast

  • hookemhorns:

    My current number one bourbon! Hoping to score a bottle of the 17 yo this year.

    I see that Ralfy has some Rowan’s Creek, True Blue, and Pappy van Winkle on the shelf. Good stuff! Wish he were reviewing Eagle Rare or Basil Hayden’s as well. Also, Jim Beam is an excellent bourbon for the value that a lot of people ruin with coke.

  • valuewhale:

    really looking forward to this upcoming series!! Thanks ralfy, awseome!

  • Phobosuchus2:

    I picked up a bottle of Eagle Rare 10 this week myself and was blown away at how good the finish was.

  • shakeyfly:

    Elijah Craig 18 if you can find it… unbelievable….

  • RebelRouser475:

    Ralfy, first thank you for all you do. I have been watching you for sometime now and have learned quite alot from your vlogs. I see you have Wild Turkey in the corner (hopefully 101) Been my go to bourbon for quality for the price for years. Their master distiller, Jimmy Russell, has been around a long time. Looking forward to your review on it. If you ever get a chance at some Woodford Reserve I would also recommend it.
    Cheers! -Kurt King George, VA. USA

  • kidsafe:

    Southern Comfort isn’t whiskey. It’s a liqueur infused with whiskey-like flavors.

  • FellowshipOfTheRune:

    Good stuff Ralfy! Just a quick note for ya, Jim Beam (white label) is aged 4 years. The reason I know this is there is another variety of Jim Beam (black label) that is marked “double aged @ 8 years, twice as long as standard Jim Beam”. I would love to see you do a review of “Jim Beam Black” as the difference between it & the white label is night & day. Those extra 4 years sure do make a HUGE difference & would love to hear your comparison notes. Best wishes Ralfy!

  • mrjazzyusa805:

    excited for the bourbon vids! see some that ive been wondering about, stoked to see you reviewing them!

  • Pseudonym003:

    Southern Comfort is a liqueur…

    Really, it’s only slightly less girly than drinking peach schnapps.

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