a consistent old-style matured classy single malt well worth the effort ! To comply with Google Adsense policy this video is an independent non-profit …

25 Responses to “whisky review 405 – Balvenie 15yo single barrel”

  • funwithpeatandsherry:

    I love this one. Bottles range from very complex to incredibly complex.
    Great review!

  • HappyShepard:

    Can you recommend a good and affordable Sherry Whisky? 

  • Rasuke11:

    Yes he reviewed one of, if not my favorite. 91/100 means something coming
    from ralfy, but not as much as me lol great video cheers.

  • PeatSmokey:

    @Scotland. Tell lee the maltmates wish him a happy b-day!! HP18 has already
    been reviewed in video#271. Peace

  • Scotland:

    Sorry excuse the spelling. Laptop not working

  • Scotland:

    Hello ralfy…. Ive got a silly request. My boyfriend watches you reviews
    religiously before buying a new whiskey. Its his birthday next week and ive
    bough highland park 18. I was wondering if you could do a review
    specifically for him? His names lee. He would actually love that!! I know
    your a busy guy! But it would be fav if you could do a little one! Thank
    you! Xxxx

  • billy fish:

    Hi ralfy, as ever another fantastic review I’m always watching your
    vlogs,I’m learning so much from them thank you ralfy keep up the good work.

  • rajTrondhjem10:

    Nice review.. Thanks! Diwali greetings from India..

  • TassieEV1:

    Fantastic, wished I found out about bees alot sooner in life. Wonder if
    anyone has done some type of Whisky or related beverage involving honey
    like a Whisky liquer or cream

  • metintevetoglu:

    Hi Ralfy, When tasting two or three single malts in a single session, which
    one is a better way you think? Taking a sip from each of them and by so,
    doing laps, or tasting one of them in 3-4 sips and then moving on to the
    next one? And is it better if i sample different single malts from the same
    region or sample single malts from different regions? Thank you and keep
    spreading the love 🙂

  • zwerkpluis:

    A “single malt” as opposed to a “blend”, is still whisky blended from
    different casks (and quite possibly, different ages) from the same

  • musicmixism:

    one of my favorit.

  • Byzandula:

    Ralfy, Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me to procure a bottle
    of this fine single malt. I have been enjoying it through and through and
    will likely purchase another to put away for a while. I’ve been enjoying
    peated malts for some time and this is a wonderful way to depart from the
    smoke for a bit. I concur with your assessment and highly recommend this
    delicious whisky!

  • canonsburgman:

    Ralfy, please review the Shackleton Discovery, maybe compare it to the
    Shackleton Journey at the same time. Some of us are history fans as well as
    malt fans. He was a true “Malt McMurdo” and we can travel back in time with
    him by drinking “The Discovery” in the winter when the snow is on the

  • Gio C:

    I managed to buy this for $50 US and I’m depressed because I don’t think
    I’ll ever get such a quality single malt for such a cheap price.

  • themaltbar:

    Hi Ralfy. The only Balvanie here on the local shelves is the ever-present
    Balv14. Think thats a descent consolation for the Balv15? thnx.

  • borismorrison:

    I have one Old Pulteney 12 yr in my stash..I can’t find AnCnoc where I
    live…I would say HP12 and Glenmorangie Lasanta are much better versions
    of sherried whiskies than Balvenie 12, and cheaper also

  • Jesús Herrera:

    Ralfy: could you recommend me some brands of whiskies from different
    regions of Scotland, and please tell me which your favorites are? Thank you
    and greetings from Argentina. Slàinte Mhath!!!

  • birstallblue:

    Thanks ralfy. I have to agree, the balvenie. Make darn good whisky, you
    really cannot go wrong

  • David Cheng:

    Hi Ralfy Could you review thee Ardbeg Galileo?

  • FMichael1970:

    Some great value single malts are the AnCnoc 12 yr, and it’s sister
    distillery the Old Pulteney 12 yr.

  • Andrew Fury:

    It is extraordinary that one can find this kind of high quality information
    videos in youtube. I had a friend in whiskey and I lost him… Then I found
    this channel and I have a lot to see in here.

  • Kevin Tapp:

    I picked up a bottle of 12yo single cask at a Balvenie tasting evening
    recently. I’m really enjoying it and I can certainly pick out some of the
    characteristics that Ralfy has identified in the 15yo. It is very compex
    and for me it includes an orangey kick on the palate that I would guess is
    much better integrated and balanced in the 15 than it is in 12. I would
    certainly recommend the 12 – great value for money.

  • dickidydoodah:

    Hey Ralfy, another great video! Definitely true about the bee venom, as I
    am a beekeeper of about 10 years now. I hate getting stung during the
    winter preparations too. Cheers from the US!

  • db69502:

    What is your favorite distillery in each region Ralfy?

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