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  • Ossie Weinert:

    Excellent Ralfy! Enjoy you videos, and I’m enjoying whisky more from
    watching your videos. I stumbled onto you site after watching Sinclair
    Fergus Smith’s wonderful channel: Pentlands, Gypsy Glen Peebles Wild Camp
    He was sipping some whisky while wild camping and in checking out the
    whisky I found you. Youtube is terrific that way! It would be wonderful to
    see you on a wild camp reviewing and talking whisky with Sinclair. Thank’s
    for your terrific videos! Sincerely, Ossie 

  • Jp M:

    Im halfway this bottle. It was my second whiskey after my first “whiskey”
    southern comfort ( yes I know it is not whiskey)
    Now I have 10 bottles of different whiskeys and love them all, even a lot
    better then the first I just mentioned. This whiskey is one of my favorites
    right after highland park.

    Thanks for this review, keep the good work going.

  • Robert Paterson:

    Ralfy: You are a remarkably natural and entertaining interviewer. The idea
    of including the views of a non expert in the tasting is an excellent one.
    Mr Stewart was a great choice. Real people with real jobs.
    I’d be surprised if you weren’t invited to work for the BBC or some other
    TV company. Have you not been invited yet? 

  • Dave Zodiac:

    Its funny you mentioned getting someone who’s not a whisky drinker to just
    “smell” the spirit and tell you what they smell, Ralfy. Back at
    Thanksgiving, I had a whole bunch of friends and family over (as we usually
    do) and we provided beer, wine and other non-alcoholic drinks too; however,
    I also shared some Highland Park 15 that I had with a few there who were
    interested. The funny thing is, there was a couple people who had never
    tried Scotch before and after only smelling it (and being too afraid to
    drink it), there reaction was all the same: a disgusted look on their faces
    and the remarks: “Awe yuk, it smells like gross whisky!”. Something I’ve
    noticed about whisky in general is you’re either someone who likes it, or
    you simply don’t–there is no in between…

  • Bryan Usrey:

    One of the best value for money malts out there. Finished my bottle, but I
    would love to get another. 

  • Daniel Hiller:

    Love this stuff, I only buy it when it’s on offer (usually at the local
    Co-Op) so it’s a real bargain. So clearly a significant contributor to
    Teachers Highland Cream, the only problem is that it goes down too fast –
    there must be a leak in the bottle…

  • PeatSmokey:

    hello Ralfy. Used to always get the ArdmoreTC years ago. sounds as good now
    as it tasted then. in passing Ralfy, did you ever suss out the WR#127 ??!
    It appears that you mislabeled the title page. You do realize you didn’t
    review Ardbeg Coryv. but poured from the Airigh Nam Beist bottle.
    Any plans on a bonifide/proper Ardbeg Corryvreckan whiskey review.
    Cause AC really is the third companion to the A10 and AU trinity.
    Should you get a few mins.,
    take a look-see at WR127 & you’ll understand the juxtaposition of the two
    suspect Ardbeg. (wanting to grab a bottle it be great to have any corrected
    or updated tasting notes.. Thnx mate,

  • David Kasman:

    This Scotch is very inexpensive locally (Massachusetts), only $23.00 per
    bottle. It is one of the best I’ve tried at that low price point. I often
    drink it with a teaspoon of Ardbeg 10 YO and a teaspoon or so of water
    added to my glass.

  • evilsponge:

    Thanks for the whiskey videos Ralfy! Class!

  • Nabicus Maximus:

    Good stuff there Ralfy……. Keep up the good work.

  • birstallblue:

    Short review but sweet thanks for the Ardmore review.

  • Sunny Parihar:

    I am surprised at this review. I found this Ardmore to be weak, unbalanced
    and unpleasant. This was the worst whisky I have ever tried.

  • Young Anthony:

    Yes, bought a bottle in Cornwall, 46 percent, for £
    26.50, good value for money,

  • garrafeira do dinis:

    grand ralfy….

  • StrafingMoose:

    So after all, this is not a rumor, Scots do drink whisky with their meals!
    Any recommendations of suitable whiskys that do well with fish, pork, beef,
    etc. ?

  • coslifehurts:

    It has caramel colouring in it – at last my Ardmore Traditional bottle does
    – it says in German in small letters on the label.

  • Chris Brewer:

    I was hoping you would get around to this one eventually Ralfy. I really
    like this malt. It is an outstanding value($29 in Athens GA). I own a BBQ
    restaurant and I have shared with people that this whisky is like BBQ in a
    bottle. It is not nearly as briny as many of the Islay whiskys I have had.
    Any chance of you ever reviewing Aberfeldy 12 year old? I would love to
    hear your remarks on one of my favorite reasonably priced whiskys. Cheers

  • Joseph Bishop:

    A jazz themed malt mention for you: malty modes of melodic minor.

    Love the reviews, by the way!

  • Mugthulhu:

    Good video as always.
    Inspired by your whisky liqueur video (#314), and the Rumtopf video (#380),
    I set out to make my own liqueurs. The first one I made out of Haddington
    House, strawberries, blueberries and a vanilla pod turned out mighty fine.
    However, my second attempt didn’t turn out quite as well. I used a cheap
    white rum, lemon, oranges and a vanilla pod. The problem is the vanilla is
    absolutely dominating the liqueur, and it’s too much for me. I now seek
    your wisdom, Ralfy! Do you have any suggestions on how to weaken the
    vanilla flavour?

  • z1reticuli:

    Bigups! Always a good idea to raise funds for dogs.

  • PassiveMatrix:

    Wrap a cheap furry scalf round that mic when outside, you’ll be surprised
    how much wind it cuts out ;)

  • spinycrayfish:

    Hey Ralfy, have your tried The Glenlivet Nàdurra? I just saw it on the
    Colbert Report. Sounds promising. It’s supposed to be traditional;
    un-chill-filtered, cast strength, 16yo, and cheaper than the 15yo french
    oak variant at my local. Would you recommend?

  • klascojoe:

    I found this whiskey a year or so ago and have been stuck on it ever since.
    Every other bottle I buy is Ardmore. And it’s $ 28!

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