…. examples of reasonable quality Whisky and how to find them if your on a budget.

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  • 85Pushead:

    Try to take a trip on the ferry with a car to Puttgarden in Germany. Calle and the Scandlines BorderShop sell both Glenmorangie 10yr and Laphroaig 10yr for around 20€, Puttgarden is well known for some of the cheapest alcohol prices in Europe (maybe even the world). Its well worth the trip if you buy in bulk, I go there once a year from Sweden… 😉

  • SpiritClubOrgUA:

    Good review!

  • Poorskull:

    In Norway one can’t get a proper whisky for under 50 pounds, and NO whisky for under 35 pounds, no fair =(

  • VulcanGray:

    Ralfy, I love you, but you’ve committed a great crime. Your on a budget should be you’re. Keep up the good work though I look forward to each of your reviews 😀

  • ralfystuff:

    never get in to debt for whisky !

  • EricDavidFloyd:

    Answers: get more money or take out loan

  • Welshindependence:

    Ralfy, I wouldn’t call Ileach a quality whisky, maybe a budget whisky but not a quality one. I would of replaced it with Finlaggan ! Just my opinion.
    Awesome video, one of my favourite Ralfy vids !

  • Kim Pedersen:

    Why, is there anything wrong with the 17 ? I have never tasted it myself, but I enjoy IM deluxe !

    Thanks for making the har work for all of us 😛

  • ralfystuff:

    buyer beware ! … I have no plans to review this one .

  • cor ayy:

    have you tried islay mist 17? i bought a bottle and i didnt taste any peat, which was a huge let down. especially at such a hefty price for a blend.

  • ralfystuff:

    rather young and peat-hot now, but with a drop of water, a proper ‘warmer’ scotch !

  • Allan B:

    hello, ralfy i see you recommended islay mist deluxe but did not provide a mark for us curious followers. i was also wondering if you would recommend the 8 year old version as it is the only islay mist whisky available in my area and i considered giving it a shot.

  • MrSavanna5602:

    have you done mcclellands single malt. very cheap. is it worth the drink. or is it best used as a mixer.

  • GeorgiusTSK:

    I red Green Lable discontinued 2012.

  • ralfystuff:

    for flavour and quality it’s the green label your looking for !

  • Jason Alexander:

    Ralfy, if i am a fan of Johnny walker red.. Would i enjoy Johnny walker blue? Or is it an over priced scotch-whiskey, and if so any suggestions on a good bottle of schotch-whiskey? Price range is no issue.

  • TheStig000:

    The sound of a new cork being popped and the “glug glug glug” are sounds of excitement. I never know what to expect with a brand new bottle of whiskey.

  • ralfystuff:

    no,, try Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain for ‘softer’ Islay moments.

  • ralfystuff:

    on my last taste 79/100

  • Lawrence Kloosterman:

    jack daniels……….no thanks

  • ralfystuff:

    no plans for this !

  • BShell89:

    Thanks for your great opinions Ralfy. You’ve mentioned Monkey Shoulder in a couple videos now. Are there any plans for an actual review or have you done one in the past and I’m just missing it? Thanks again Ralfy!

  • ralfystuff:

    single malt means from one single Distillery !

  • MrThedarryl93:

    Hi, I’m new to whisky and would like to know if single malt just means its come from just one barrel. Also, why do only some whiskys use corks and what do you make of jack daniels?

  • ralfystuff:

    increasingly, all the big names which have gone for volume sales over quality of product (papered over with marketing budgets)

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