I don’t understand why Scotts want to leave the UK… And many welsh and Northern Irish.. The Uk throughout history has been an influential and great nation; it’s now going downhill and would become totally insignificant as just Wales, Scotland, England and Norther Ireland.

I do understand that devolution is important as then the countries can govern themselves better for their own interests, and I think patriotism is important amongst the countries.

But shouldn’t we still remain unified as Britain?

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  • Carly xoxo:

    i didn’t know that….
    i dont think wales would survive without brittain, scottland, ireland could, England would probs be okay but we are much better together

  • The Dark Side:

    It’s just about national pride and patriotism. Devolution has served the Scots well as they get subsidised by the English – some Scots just want to take it further. But those that do need to understand what it would do to the Scottish economy, the cost of maintaining an independent Scottish armed forces from their own resources (currently a UK matter) and so on. The Union of 1707 happened for good reasons and they still apply.

  • mindflux303:

    It’s never been unified. The Scottish economy has been held back for years by UK fiscal policies which favour London and SE England. Scotland, the only part of the UK to show a budget surplus will now be dragged back by measures needed to keep England afloat.

    This comes as yet another world renowned economist confirms Scotland has been subsidising the UK government for years. Meanwhile we have the like of The Dark Side – not a world renowned economist – maintaining this blatant Union politician lie.

    – “Scotland would boom under independence, says City guru. Savvas Savouri, chief economist at Toscafund Asset Management, added that it would be sensible to allow Scotland to apply its own rate of income tax, VAT, corporation tax and stamp duty.” (Holyrood magazine)

    – “A leading Professor of Economics, Andrew Hughes Hallett, has sensationally confirmed that Scotland has been subsidising the UK treasury in London for years”

    – “You can definitely say that it [Scotland] would be better off in terms of the revenue.”

    – Hallett pointed to ‘missing’ income that is generated in Scotland but is actually attributed to London” (BBC Radio Scotland)

  • Master of Eternity:

    Here’s the deal as far as I see it. The SNP and Welsh National Party (is it called that?) will always talk about independence, but it’s all talk and very little walk. The Scottish and the Welsh both know they would lose much more than they gained if they were to leave the union. The UK stop being an English only club about 100 years ago. There’s always been talk of Scottish or Welsh Independence but it will never happen (Until the UK is completely absorbed in the EU and were broken up into smaller and smaller area’s, until the term British and UK go the way of USSR, sorry of topic). As for Northern Ireland well just google “The Trouble’s”, that’s not worth getting into here.

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