I live in Scotland and have been watching the news recently. It looks like England doesn’t want us to go, why? Is it because of our oil?
And im for independence in Scotland

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  • Kate Reilly:

    A nation of William Wallaces running free? Perhaps England fears what might happen if you get your


  • darren w:

    because youll deprive england of irn bru by not selling it to us

  • I love You:

    Wouldn’t you be hesitant to let men in kilts roam free?

  • ƒαηтαѕтι¢ ☞CAT☜:

    Because they profit too much off Scotland and will have nothing to show for their emporial history.

  • Tavish Scott:

    Well oil is certainly a factor, but it is also because Scotland produce more soldiers than the rest of the UK so we are a great defence asset. Plus it gives Westminster somewhere to dump their chemical weapons. Like the river Clyde for instance.

  • Dan T:

    Because that reduces their strength economically, and militarily.
    Also it is political suicide for the politicians.

  • FIFA:

    Because then Wales and Northern Ireland will want to break from the UK and everything will get messed up.

    Scotland doesnt have enough oil for it to make much difference

  • Tommy Sheridan:

    England can’t stop Scotland from being an independent nation. The Scottish parliament has enough power to hold a referendum and if the people of Scotland vote yes to independence, all the remnants of the union can do is congratulate us and wish us luck.

  • Oliver Norbury:

    Hi, I’m English and I am all for Scottish independence as well. I think the main reason is because of culture, history and togetherness, even though you’d expect this to be for major political reasons, it’s mainly because of the sense of ‘tradition’ some of us ‘British’ people enjoy to live by (I’m not saying it’s all about the culture but mainly). Unfortunately these are the ways in which our politics live. I like the Scottish, and independence would make you more Scottish and less restricted. It would be interesting to see what laws you come up with too 🙂

    I suppose I haven’t really answered your question in much depth but I hope this helps you.

  • Cheese and Onion:

    It is not up to England to “let” Scotland have independence. It is up to the will of the Scottish people.

    Interesting what Oliver says about culture and history being reasons for English wishing for Scotland to stay in the union. These are reasons many Scots want independence.

  • Tom R:

    It’s not up to England.

  • Bu$ (rEd) W@nkerz:

    i’m English, Scotland is more than welcome for independence. the only people who can claim independence is the scots.

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