I commute to Edinburgh everyday from Glasgow and what I notice is that the further nearer to Edinburgh the sunnier? Why is that?

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  • peek:

    We get the Gulf-Stream warmed moist air coming off the Atlantic being channelled up the Clyde valley. Any winds that hit Embra first are the cold-dry Siberian winds coming down around the coast of Norway(normally winter time)

  • Graham:

    You tend to get the warm air from the Gulf Stream and warm water from the north Atlantic drift which drifts up the west coast of Scotland and Ireland and up towards the Arctic. When the air condenses and rises it continues to be pushed up by the high mountains and cools very quickly with warm to colder water vapour becoming heavier and resulting in rain. Edinburgh is in something of a “rain shadow” whereby the water vapour has been exhausted to a large extent as rain on the fifty odd miles journey to the east. Greenock has double the rainfall of North Berwick and that’s 80 miles. Glasgow and Edinburgh are a little less than that.

  • RoBo:

    its the same in england, the west coast is generally cloudier and wetter.

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